I think it's two or three or four weeks since my tobacco ran out and I decided to not buy a new package. It was mostly the price that convinced me.

First I thought it would be a problem to just stop from one day to another.

Then I realized it's actually fine.

Now I find myself thinking about smoking even more often during the day than about this woman. Both are a sort of addiction, and both come and go.

And both definitely rise up again after they are momentarily satisfied. After she writes to me, I think of her more frequently.

And after I tried some skruf at a party during the weekend, my desire for smoking a cigarette has come back.

And then, there's the synchronicity again: In the very moment I have decided to buy some tobacco for 280 kr and pull into the parking lot of the tobacco shop, in the very moment my desire finds a cue of satisfaction, this woman shoots me a message.

Is this coincidence and nothing more? Probably. But still, it feels weird.