Lucid Dreaming

So recently I joined this IONS Webinar about Lucid Dreaming that promised all sorts of benefits that come from them. And since then I've been trying to become lucidly aware of my dreams.

One time I woke up in my dream and realized that what I had just experienced had been too strange to be real, so I concluded it must have been a dream. After all, I had just woken up. But I had problems finding any difference in the feeling of what had happened in my dream and before I had gone to sleep. What I didn't realize was that I was still dreaming.

Now last night I had a dream in which I was riding my Canyon down a long flight of stairs with multiple plateaus in between. It was intense fun and the further I went, the better I got at balancing the bike on its rear wheel.

In fact I became so good that I could just do a continuous wheelie afterwards. After I had arrived at the festival where I had planned to go, I remembered riding down the stairs and something about it suddenly seemed odd to me.

When had I become so good and so confident at driving down stairs? This seemed too good to be real so I started forming theories about what had happened.

Maybe, I thought, I had daydreamed on my way to the festival about doing this, but why then did it feel so much like it had really happened?

I started to doubt the realness of what I was experiencing in that moment, so I looked at my hands. There they were, all five fingers.

So what this means is that last night I actually got quite close to realizing the dream nature of the reality I was experiencing, only that I should have looked at my hands more closely. Maybe I should have tried to see more details, because that is usually where my dreams become more blurry.