Today I didn't lie

Today my boss wanted me to repeat an analysis that I had done on a 1/5 scale model on the computer with the full scale model he had sent me.

I knew the result of my volumetric analysis would be exactly 125 times larger than that of the scale model, but there was no way to argue with him. In my head he was just talking gibberish, so I agreed.

When he later asked me for the result of my analysis, I told him I hadn't done it yet. I could have just answered I found that the volume below the waterline was 4 m².

But instead I went into Rhino CAD, imported the full scale model, aligned it with the scale model, cut the fuselage below the waterline, five times higher than in the model and computed the volume of the section below the waterline.

I have to admit that for a moment I was confused and not 100% sure that I would end up with 4 m³ instead of 32 dm³ for the scale model, but of course I did.

I didn't even get to report my results to my boss as he was in a real hurry after he had finished his work. I think he's kind of stressed out, otherwise he would have realized that volume, no matter for what body, scales by the power of three, as surface areas scale by the power of two. There's nothing to validate about that.