Truth Changes

It's funny how sometimes, once I've spoken my current truth (to someone), it changes.

So right now I feel excited to explore a different part of Mysore tomorrow and find some peaceful places, to also talk with my other colleagues and to try to see my boss's contribution to my work as valuable, and to find out that our manager is not hurting the project. (And if he is to find out how to change (t)his (mind).)

It's whenever I've fully jumped into and also expressed certain perspectives and thoughts that I can fully let go of some of them and move on into other perspectives.

(And I'm very thankful for you to listen without judgment, it helps :)

Only sometimes this also happens habitually, even if I'm very happy with the truth that I'm expressing.

It's as if I'm playing devil's advocate with myself, and it can be very painful if my truth suddenly changes again.

That's one reason why I'm sometimes hesitant to speak out pleasant truths.

But experience has shown that these truths are often subject to the least change, and it's usually safe to express them.

One such truth is that you're one of the most interesting and beautiful humans I've ever met and I want to continue to get to know you better and support you.