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#Nature #Orchids

Almost two years ago we found the very rare Naked Man Orchid in a certain location between the town's of Orgiva and Torvizcon. We returned this year to catch a glimpse of these very beautiful orchids.

But although we found many types of orchids the Naked Man remained elusive. Were we too early? Were we too late? Had this fragile orchid lost its battle to remain here?

We shall return in a couple of weeks. In the meantime here some we did manage to see.

Sawfly Orchid

Sawfly Orchid

Giant Orchid

Giant Orchid

Cytinus hypocistis – strange Parasitic plant

Cytinus hypocistis plant

#Photo #Walking

Walking along the Acequia Nueva, part of a circular hiking route above Lanjarón in the Alpujarras.

Hiking Lanjarón

Living in rural Spain is still excellent value. Today I went to a local cafe bar for breakfast. Milky coffee with or without a dash of Brandy/Rum/Baileys plus a toasted baguette covered with fresh tomatoes came to €2!

Needless to say, I drink a lot of coffee.

#Walking #Weather

Looking like rain during the morning dog walk

Looking bleak in the Sierra Nevada



We are starting our own PeerTube video channel

Spanish Highs TV

Tired of YouTube adverts and it's cluttered and confused interface? We are.

That's why we have set up our own PeerTube instance at “" where we shall run our own Video Hosting site. We will continue to use YouTube/Vimeo and other platforms but our main emphasis will be on the new site, where we shall upload guide videos, trip videos and special features.

It is a federated system which means it is decentralised. No one company is in control and cannot impose on any other instance. It links in well with other federated systems such as “Mastodon” and “Pixelfed”.

One of the very convenient things about PeerTube is the ability to import YouTube videos without re-uploading.

In addition we shall be starting a “live” streaming feature from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

At the moment we are busy uploading our old videos and getting everything up to date but it's nice to have everything consolidated into one place.

For the techies amongst you ... it was reasonably easy to set up. The PeerTube instance was set up on a basic DigitalOcean Droplet ($5/month) using Cloudron as the app installer.

PeerTube DigitalOcean Hosting Cloudron App

Visit Spanish Highs TV

No Advertising. No Clutter. No Confusing Interface!

#Hiking #Video #Alpujarras

A beautiful winter walk in the Sierra de Contraviesa starting and ending at the Haza del Lino and taking in Cerro Salchicha 1545m. Superb views across to the snow clad peaks of the Sierra Nevada. And of course, colourful Almond Blossom all over the place!


Elevation, Ascent and Distance

Elevation and distance chart

#Hiking #Video #Alpujarras

Short video (<1min) showing a walk above the Alpujarra town of Lanjarón following the line of the gushing waters of the Mezquerina Acequia. No need for music, just the beautiful sound of the running water!


Elevation, Ascent and Distance

Elevation and distance chart

#Hiking #SierraNevada

Spectacular scenery walking alongside the river and in the gorges, but hiking along the knife edge of the acequia wall not good for clumsy dogs like Arko. We turned back

crossing Rio Durcal

gorge scenery


Air all full of sand at the moment which is keeping the warmth down and also somewhat spoiling the views. Today on our dog walk by the top acequia

Sahara dust


Our town hall are going round all residents asking if they would have the Covid19 vaccine or not. Presumably this is to determine the amounts required for the town. This puts me in a quandary.

In my opinion there hasn't been enough testing on all these vaccines that suddenly appeared out of the ether. We have no idea of the long term effects of what we are letting them inject into our bodies. Will it adversely affect one group of people rather than another, for instance the elderly, the young, the infirm or people with a prior heart complaint, like me?