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Quiet day today. Lovely weather and very unseasonal. My wife happens to be a big fan of orchids, so here's a photo of a giant orchid that I took on the dog walk this morning with the town of Lanjarón behind.

Giant Orchid


This post was inspired by the excellent article, “My War on Doomscrolling” by Toby Kurien and takes it a stage further by adding my own thoughts.

My War on Doomscrolling” by Toby Kurien

The definition of doomscrolling, according to Urban Dictionary is:

When you keep scrolling through all of your social media feeds, looking for the most recent upsetting news about the latest catastrophe. The amount of time spent doing this is directly proportional to how much worse you're going to feel after you're done.

An interesting and thought provoking post that got me thinking about my own digital lifestyle and how I can improve it's health. Unconsciously, I have already taken steps but there is more to do. Here's some rantings and ramblings .....


#Alpujarras #misc

The thinking man

Sometimes it's good to just sit and do nothing. Today dawned a dull day, not the inspiring sort of day that brought me here in the first place some 19 years ago. A UK sort of day, I guess.

I took a break from our dog walk to just sit and think. About nothing. Sat like the proverbial “Thinking Man” I listened to the dulcet sounds of the acequia flowing alongside. Over the other side of the valley, the Sierra de Lijar were wreathed in gray cloud.

Corunavirus lockdowns, lying governments, homeless people, hungry children and of course, stupid Brexit were totally forgotten. The mind was cleared.

After some time I was rejoined by my happy dogs and they splashed and played in the gushing waters. Kiersten arrived a short time after and we all made our way home for a warming cup of coffee with Baileys.

Life should be and can be so simple.


There no doubt that my interest in creative writing has surged recently. I used to do a lot of it in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Then my interest in writing slowly waned as the traditional social platforms took precedence and finally took over.

But, there's a problem with this scenario. These social giants then control all your data and even how you can get to view it or even how to access and download your own data. Not fair really is it?

With all the recent scandals regarding privacy and of course the fact that we all know they make billions selling our data, it seems correct to me to move back to our own platforms rather than them.



In the outdoor world of the human in the mountains there is a natural evolution. A natural development cycle. The humble hiker taking his first steps into a mountain environment is encouraged by his success and the beauty of the natural landscapes to delve further. He may start to use his hands to scramble his way up steeper inclines. This usually leads to harder and more difficult undertakings until a rope becomes necessary for protection. Our humble hiker has metamorphosed into a mountaineer. This may be followed by a visit to the Alps in which case he can probably start to call himself an Alpinist.

Deep in thought



I don't particularly like the way BigTech has taken over, hence my recent moves towards the decentralised & federated social sites. In my opinion the “big” social sites of Faccebook, Instagram etc have had their day. It's so old school. Our data is our data. Right?

There is room for alternatives that are open and transparent and don't sell our data to the highest bidder. Decentralised and Federated social networks are the future. I've had good experiences with MeWe (better than Facebook) and Mastodon (similar to Twitter).



Walking alongside ancient irrigation channels originally installed by the Moors.

Today's walk from home alongside the sparkling waters of the Acequia Mezquerina today to a friend's cortijo. 11km, 620m ascent. Beautiful spring-like weather.

Is this winter?

looking down to the sea and across to Morocco



Thought I'd introduce you to Rita (la Perrita) our adorable rescue that we've had for almost 7 years. Bit of a mixed bag is our Rita. Part Samoyed-spaniel-alsatian according to her DNA, but also we think Podenco. It's the ears give it away!

Rita la Perrita


I'm not a bad cook but I am a disaster at baking things. There's always something wrong with the end result. Latest effort was my Mum's recipe for lemon cake.

My first effort a couple of weeks ago wasn't bad to be honest. Just a bit heavy and soggy. Today I repeated the recipe and it came out so light and fluffy that on cooling a crevice opened up that would have done justice to the Khumbu icefall!

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Lemon cake