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We are starting our own PeerTube video channel

Spanish Highs TV

Tired of YouTube adverts and it's cluttered and confused interface? We are.

That's why we have set up our own PeerTube instance at “" where we shall run our own Video Hosting site. We will continue to use YouTube/Vimeo and other platforms but our main emphasis will be on the new site, where we shall upload guide videos, trip videos and special features.

It is a federated system which means it is decentralised. No one company is in control and cannot impose on any other instance. It links in well with other federated systems such as “Mastodon” and “Pixelfed”.

One of the very convenient things about PeerTube is the ability to import YouTube videos without re-uploading.

In addition we shall be starting a “live” streaming feature from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

At the moment we are busy uploading our old videos and getting everything up to date but it's nice to have everything consolidated into one place.

For the techies amongst you ... it was reasonably easy to set up. The PeerTube instance was set up on a basic DigitalOcean Droplet ($5/month) using Cloudron as the app installer.

PeerTube DigitalOcean Hosting Cloudron App

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