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Hi there! Welcome to my corner of the web, filled with math, programming and other general purpose nerdy stuff.

I'm Elias and come from a small city up in northern Sweden. During my days, I pursue a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics at UmeƄ University, but I'm currently doing an exchange in Heidelberg, Germany.

This is a personal page where I share whatever thoughts are going through my head at the moment, or what I have been up to lately.

Nice image.

Fast plane.

$$ \rho \frac{\partial \mathbf{u}}{\partial t}+\rho(\mathbf{u} \cdot \nabla) \mathbf{u}=-\nabla P+\rho \mathbf{g}+\mu \nabla^{2} \mathbf{u} $$

int main () {
   printf("Hello World!\n"); 
   return 0;

Tree code, hierarchical multipole expansion

Text text text. Lots of text.