7 January 2018

I'm overwhelmed with the hatred and oppression that is rampant in the world. I genuinely believe in the power of goodness and practice compassion as a must for myself, but it all gets me down sometimes. Trying to channel this into something productive by learning about decentralized/open-source/privacy+freedom respecting communication tools. I got to this site through the Writing Exchange Mastodon instance. Seems like an interesting tool but I also feel like I don't currently have enough technical knowledge to wrap my head around it.

I feel right now like there's no use making art when things are so shitty. But I know that is the furthest thing from the truth; I am an artist to my core and to ignore that is to ignore the highest expression of my self. And my art comes from my deep love and passion for the world around me, which I fundamentally believe is an important way to combat hate and oppression. If I do not make art because world events and toxicity make it feel futile, I am giving in to that which I wish to fight.