Vomir's Manifesto

Harsh Noise Wall artist Vomir, aka Romain Perrot, practices negation. He creates white noise slabs that death-crawl into your ears. Listen to a Vomir composition long enough & your mind enters a blank space.

Vomir's love of negation extends to his performance mode. For each set, he encases his head in a black garbage bag, trying to erase himself from the sounds emanating from his machinery.

I'm interested in Vomir's continued insistence that aesthetics & art will not save us. It's due to this that I feel he's one of the few artists worth listening to in 2020.

The following manifesto comes from a recent release:

Manifesto from Noise for the Nothing Unity [2020]


No water tank recordings No harmonic charm No method No spectralism No spiritual healing No deep listening No liner notes No conviction No contemplation No careful beauty No vision of freedom No minimal drones No arcane tonalities No distillation No joint effort No admirable handling No tuning systems No slow promise No shine No tone No purity No escape No matters Noise