He seemed not to notice how perfectly she embodied what she denounced I read Richard Dawkins about 20 years ago during a long-standing mission to topple the ungodly edifice of evolutionism. I came accross “The Selfish Gene” and “The Extended Phenotype”. Meditating on these, I had one of the most remarkably vivid and sudden epiphanies of my life. I became an ardent atheist.

A panel event for some rationalist conference features Richard Dawkins on youtube. A women introduced him and their cause: The triumph of reason over faith and superstition. Her voice rose with the applause and she punched her fingers towards the audience and cried “...AND we will eliminate irrationality where ever we find it!” I felt a pang of unease. Dawkens beamed, and seemed not to notice how perfectly she embodied what she denounced.

Evolutionary biologist should be quick to see the nature of Islamic history and organization today. I get the impression he is missing something about religion. (Though I can imagine a personal vendetta against the nit-picking speciousness of creationists.

Among prominent features of islam is the preoccupation with precise transmission of detailed scriptural blueprints. Thus the genotype of the religion may persist in periods of dormancy for years, even generations. Under the right conditions, a teacher may reconstitute the military doctrines among a cohort, even if their parents are relatively secular and peaceful. Amidst turmoil such as seen in the Arab Spring, moslems are much more liable to be co-opted by Medina-stage leaders. In many cases, the moderation of leadership is inversely proportional to their priority under Sharia law.

2)Human intuition is not well adapted to perceiving demographic events, let alone acting on them. By contrast, moslems specifically restrain their intimidation until their numbers make their expulsion impossible in the west. In fact they have nothing to fear about expulsion. The very ostensibly constrained manifestation of aggression. We see the territorial concessions in London and Paris.

Imperceptibly slow at any given moment.

How to persuade you to heed events too slow to see, enough to be imperceptible at any given time, sooner than we might think? When the population density is sufficient in a given area, they effectively assert local control. The larger the demographic footprint, the larger the factor of mobilization. It will take more time in the preparation phase, but if it is not caught at that point, larger scale mobilization could be very rapid if they have time to prepare. “When it happens to you, then you'll know.”

Too few unbelievers are familiar with islamic dialactical tropes and sophistry. They usually fool those not familiar with its doctrines of deception. If the ignorance is willful, it doesn't matter how smart you are. You just won't get it.

Not long ago, a convicted terrorist only 1-3 years into his sentence, with ~ ten years left, was bafflingly given a hearing for early release. (Damned early given the gravity of his offenses.) Who paid for the lawyers anyway? The mosques seem to be very, very financially solvent shall we say. There must be top notch lawyers and affirmative action involved.

In his appeal to the court, the young Arab cried out: “I will live peacefully, by God!” This is brazen mockery standing before the judge. But the judge regarded him as a criminal, not reckoning on religious fanaticism. The judge ordered his release Into the community – the community in which he was gestated.

Islam is a complete system of government which can make truces, but is obligated eventually to break the treaty and demand submission or slavery or destruction. Whenever they can, until all men submit or burn in hell.

But since it is misunderstood as idle worship, Charter Rights make it illegal to discriminate using information about their Islamic kingdom. Hence the infiltration by Muslim Brotherhood operators into the RCMP was probably easy. They got caught , but not every supervisor is so sharp eyed, and some sleeper agents, muslim recruited without obvious association. How the fuck do you miss that one? These guys need to get with the program and support the Egyptions. At least in North America, there is a serious splinter group problem to grapple with. These organizations have high consanguinity, each bringing in their set of connections, funding. Finally, the red support for the moslem student association (MSA) makes them quite difficult to root out, because naive, well trained useful idiots

Mohammed is our prophet, Jihad our way, Dying for the Sake of Allah is our highest hope. – An approximation of Muslim Brotherhood motto.

“Against them make ready” -from the koran, also seen on moslim brotherhood flags.

I spend a bit of time reading Islam/related texts.

For the educated white, there is rarely the need to carry out terror attacks before people fall over themselves to be concilliatory to “moderate muslims”.

There is consistency in the logic of strict adherence to Islamic law. The authority of the one who teaches strict observance, and the superior merit of going to battle is indisputable in Islam. Thus, in a crisis, they will be the ones who take the helm.

The relatively rare terror attacks have played a role in deferrence: People trip over themselves to be concilliatory to moderate muslims. This is correctly interpreted as weakness. Decades, even generations of peaceful Muslims can pass, only for some cohort return to close observation of the doctrine and re-enter the preparation phase.

“Terror Struck into the hearts of the enemies is not only a means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent's heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved. It is the point where the means and the end meet and merge. Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy; it is the decision we wish to impose upon him.... “To instil terror into the hearts of the enemy, it is essential, in the ultimate analysis, to dislocate his Faith.

Despite the extensive scripture and exagesis, the essential precepts are not difficult to understand. What is difficult is to absorb the implications that

Mohammed is our prophet, Jihad our way, Dying for the Sake of Allah is our highest hope. – An approximation of Muslim Brotherhood motto.

“Against them make ready” -from the koran, also seen on moslim brotherhood flags.

A gentleman's guide to forum spies. The people they killed were not necessarily bad human beings. The revolutionaries may not have been perfect. There is no such thing as a war without decent men being sent to their graves.

Time and again, the same distortions, encouraging agitators and provocateurs to amplify narratives, attenuate violence, and creating a fiction to exaggerate events like what happened in the march upon the capital. Police beaten police with a fire extinguisher? Apparently that never happened. There was no attack of that nature.

The politicians' work was disrupted for a few hours and they reconvened. Acting as though they all knew exactly what happened, they lined up, senator after senator, to denounce it loudly as terrorism. [By the way, as far as Bombs, The left had a much to gain and nothing to lose in planting explosives in D/RNC offices. Some reports suggest police infiltrated the group, and made sure the bombs were dud – but this story came later, begging the question of why were explosives “discovered” planted along with reports to the media. This was not a six month long siege which includes fatal ambushes by participants, initiators in the chaos. Let alone a premeditated attack coordinated on Gab and by Donald Trump.

The game is overplayed, it is crass and obvious and disgusting.

Upon the heels of glaringly purposeful lies and omissions, we find people are hostile to frank discussion. Their opinion is fully (if incoherently) resolved in their minds. An opinion with a built-in allergy to frank examination.

The inventors of societies. Like any patent. A schema of the sources of authoritative information has been recurring more often of late. The digi/media and political medicine figure prominently in it.

Just like a Patent, they sell it to us. America's trade-mark international color revolutions. A trademark like bona fide chinese rip-offs. The entryist nepotism of the Jews™.

The purported information, purported imperatives, purported legitimate laws are set out that we might realize the consequences of their dismal vision.

For others, not the builders, is a world of “retail useful idiots”, built for midwits.

covidcovidcovid 1 nucleotide mental virus, covid this covid that. Another of the most egregious insults to human intelligence ever devised: It wears thin quick. Like the whole idea would not be countenanced from the outset, but that the panic was lovingly cultivated to acclimatize the population to it. [Ironically, Kek was the first to leap out of the pot].

In Ontario (armed) police are robbing anyone who is walking on the street in their own after certain hours. This is not a libertarian whine about taxation. An ordinary person walking in an otherwise safe neighborhoods is accosted by armed men, and with no connection to public health and safety, levies a 6,000 dollar fine. Potentially ruinous. . In Quebec, police dragged a man by the neck in a raid on an illegal gathering of human beings talking with each-other.

But the 1000$ fine for gatherings of people in Vancouver is the most sinister. 500$ of that money goes as bounty for people who inform on deviations from this scheme.

500$ of that money goes as bounty into the collaborator in the theft. A schema sold to us by the Inventors of Societies for us to realize.

The little picture on the wall, scrawled by a child, stick legs along the edges of the hips. The generic smile and the upraised hand. A very special vaccine for the womb. Eats away all the inconvenience of the bastards. All you need is to claw back the memories and hope their sleep is not restless and the broken teeth remind you in the morning that you had slept.

On the spiritual imperative to teach the young the art of warfare. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V9qBmP6-e0 A beautiful talk.

“The professional hunter warns the amateur; The moment you arrive in front of him, plug 'em. Don't worry. I'll be shooting[at?] too and I never miss[who?]'

David Irving notes that a diary is a more reliable historical reference than a memoire. This is an interesting reminder of why a blog is closer to the burnt-in revelations of the permanent record and

“Modern paper is very white. It's white because it has a whitener, a flourescent. If you hold this paper in a night-club, under what's called a black light, an ultraviolet light, it glows, it glows white. If you have a Hitler document in a night-club and it glows in a night club, that's been written post-war.” ... They had written so many legal affidavits post war based on the Engel diaries – the affidavits had been used in war crimes trials against German citizens – that if they admitted the Engel diaries were fake, the affidavits would have to be withdrawan and the cases retried.” -David Irving.

The meme redefines “conspiracy” as “delusory”. And “theory” is twisted into a synonym of “baseless”.

The epithet has been running up against demonstrably true allegations more often lately. It bears some examination, because it still retains considerable rhetorical cache as a quick and easy way to discredit.

The Etymology?


14c: aspire or plan maliciously, agree together to commit a criminal or >reprehensible act...Latin conspirare “to agree, unite, plot,” literally >“to breathe together,”

The suspect psychological principle is our tendency to schematize events within a theory of mind. “substantive rationality, rather than formal rationality” carrying the coordination towards an articulable goal. The sense of “to breath together” connotes an actual conference. Hence, publicly known concerts such as the bilderburg conferences, meetings of the CFR attract particular attention as the axis of power. Eustace Mullins:

This is the technique of the World Order, to be masked in mystery, with its hierarchy protected by their anonymity and their masks, so that those who revolt will strike out against the wrong targets, insignificant officials who are expendable.


16c, “conception, mental scheme,” “principles or methods (rather than its practice) 17c “an intelligible explanation based on observation and reasoning

The tinfoil hat, I presume, denotes a deracinated connection to reality. A mental scheme. The theme being the mentality of the individual. This is how Conspiracy Theory is used epithet: It is the wikipedia epistemology: The source determines the validity of the proposition. If a person uses a mental model to represent the events, their account can be discounted. The 17th century rendition of the word is, I think, much more instructive in its contrast with the epithet “Conspiracy Theory”. The basis of the explanation on observation and reasoning are summarily dismissed.

The essence of the meme is that it can be applied interchangeably to delusory narratives as well as inconvenient lines of enquiry. There are many occasions to deploy the “Conspiracy Theory” meme as a weapon, It is one of those ill defined concepts which is readily on hand, can be deployed almost autonomously, since the original meaning of the words has been stripped, the thing speaks for itself as a single unit: a meme. Rumor holds it that this phrase was originated by the CIA in order to wave off doubts about the official explanations about JFK's assassination. I have no particular interest in JFK, but the links between the intelligence community and media are long-standing. The consanguinity between spy agencies and mass media reared its ugly head in in the laughable FBI leaks to newspapers – upon which they justified the continuation of their fishing expedition against Donald Trump and everyone associated with him.

In this vein, the power of the term is multiplied where the observation and reasoning behind the hypothesis are hemmed out or censored. Where the mass media/technology platforms can construct a particular narrative, the public is unable to construe “theory” in its proper sense, and is left exclusively with the meme's connotation of a fabricated conception of reality. Censorship is the natural habitat of “conspiracy theory”. Thus, we would expect to see it arise more frequently in venues which hold a quasi monopoly on information, and where consumers are unlikely to look further than what they are presented:

This, in turn, provides a pretext to quash information that does not suit their narrative. Nobody will notice the absence of a Counter-Currents or The Occidental Observer if the judeo-media tradition gravely posits that white supremacy is the paramount security concern facing the country.

In more fluid information channels, “Conspiracy Theory” is repatriated to its literal meaning: a theory about coordinated human activities based on experience and observation.

Let the repatriation begin!