DEATH OF A COP IN PALO (Nina Francisco, February 10, 2021)

If news of a high school teacher caught in a buy-bust operation in Tacloban was not enough, now Leyte has another probable victim of a drug-related crime in the start of this new year.

Master Sergeant Jay Paul Culas, 37, a police officer assigned in the Leyte Provincial Prison, was riding his motorbike along Barangay Arado, Palo in the early morning when he was shot upon by gunmen riding a four-wheeled vehicle. He was killed on the spot.

Due to the fact that the crime happened in a large rural road with no CCTVs, police has yet to determine the identity of the killers and the motive of the horrendous crime. According to the victim's younger brother, Christian Culas, the police officer has no known feuds with any person or group.

Investigators on the case placed a number of various suspects, from fellow policemen holding a grudge, drug syndicates, to a Waray-Waray gang by the name of OG Imba who's been terrorizing Palo (and had recently released a video proclaiming their hatred of the police).

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