Etcher is a popular open-source USB image writer tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux and it recently got a new stable release.

Download Etcher USB Creator for Windows

Etcher makes the process of flashing the OS image file into the hard drive through three simple steps – select image, select drive, and flash or burn.

Download Etcher

The program works for three different types of operating systems, Windows, Linux, and Mac but the interface remains the same. This is a big reason for this app to become so famous worldwide, as the users will never feel any difference while they will be using this same software on different platforms.

For Windows, we will be using the Portable version of Etcher. This version does not require installation.

  1. Download etcher from, choose the ‘(Portable)’ version matching your windows installation
  2. Start the software from your downloads directory to check it starts properly
  3. Iconize or close the software for now

Features of Etcher

Etcher has infinite scopes of being used. It is popularly known as a better way to burn, which means you can store data with this software in an easier way.

Download Etcher

You must have faced issues when the data storage device is not booting. It is hard to recognize when it is corrupted. Etcher always stands distinct in such conditions when you can trust it for flashing features.