Gàidhlig, Birds and History Resources

Gàidhlig learning resources

What better place to start learning Gàidhlig than with Duolingo

There are two dictionaries that are really good; LearnGaelic is simpler to use and Am Faclair Beag provides wider range of definitions.

For your phone Microsoft’s Swiftkey and Google’s GBoard have Gàidhlig language packs for autocorrecting and predictions. Both are available on iPhone and Android. Swiftkey: Android | iPhone GBoard: Android | iPhone

If books are your thing Gaelic Books Council have a large selection of books Essential Gaelic Dictionary Gaelic in 12 Weeks (optimistic but still good) Lasag series by Sandstone Press have teenage level books that help learning

Apart from Duolingo, there are other apps and online teaching aids. don’t know if folk know about this: > esgoil are offering National 5 level courses – Free LearnGaelic – Free Mango – $7.99/month Glossika – Free

The ever useful RSPB website has LOTS of information The BirdNet app on Android is fantastic for telling what birds you can hear through their song. There’s the Scottish Ornithologist’s Club and they have a fantastic app for Android and iPhone that helps you find where to watch birds! Report sightings to BirdTrack from British Trust for Ornithology

History Resources

Canmore have an excellent site with tonnes of pictures Neolithic sites near you Gaelic Story from Glasgow University Sarah Fraser’s blog for all things Lovat and Clan Fraser UHI Centre for History twitter Interactive map of Slave Legacies I will try and update these with more things that I use and find interesting.