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Are you running a small business?

Having an idea of investing your time in email marketing?

You have stepped into the right place. In this digital world, youve bags of methods to put your small business in front of millions of eyeballs and people may assume that email marketing is out of trend. But guess what? It is considered even now as the most effective marketing strategy, defeating out the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, affiliate marketing and others.

You may doubt how email marketing withstands its position for decades now. People started to get familiar with email long back and when compared with other platforms, the algorithms of it have not changed much. It is a trump card to connect with people and acts as great fuel for increasing sales, maximizing engagement, and building customer relationships.

Hence, every marketer must consider an email marketing campaign in his marketing strategies, especially for small businesses as it saves time and costs and will provide direct access to the customer’s inbox.

Do you know? 

email marketing attains maximum ROI. On average, it receives $42 for every $1 spent. 

It is a fruitful and cost-effective technique that allows you to reach out to your target audience easily because email is the place where everyone visits atleast once a day. For small businesses, email is the picture-perfect way to connect with the existing and potential customers. It offers the opportunity to share relevant content related to your product or services at the perfect time to your potential customers.

Let us see in this article how email marketing strategy is the superhero for small businesses.

Let us jump in.

Well, what is email marketing? 

Email marketing is nothing but sending a commercial message to a bulk of people. Through emails, you can let your customers or potential customers to know about your brand-new products, current offers, discounts, product updates, and more.

Why does Email Marketing matter for Small Businesses?

1. Pinpointed & More Personalized Messages 

To be frank, no one likes to read an email, when it is boomed out to a bag of people. Email marketing will assist you to pide your customers into multiple lists according to their preferences and help to send highly customized content. From creating faultless subject lines to a picture that resonates with your audience to adding valuable content, email is the ideal way to deliver your thoughts with delicate touch. You can pay attention to every little kind of stuff to create personalized content and seamlessly pinpoint your focused areas to your target audience.

2. Improve Credibility & Authenticity

If you get an email from unknown people or if it seems like a dubious subline, immediately youll consider it as spam and delete it right? But a simple emoji makes some people read and on the other hand, the same subline will make some people unsubscribe links. So, you must tailor your content to match the potential customers interest, preference, and necessity to stop getting your email being moved to the spam folder and to make them read your message. You can make use of a permission-based email list that adds a checkbox for users. It will let you know what type of emails your audience is signing up for.

3. Build Customer Relationship

You can build strong customer relationships through sending informative messages directly into a customers inbox on a regular basis. Remember, when you start making your customers life better, they will appreciate and trust you. Sharing info about your product or services, handy tips, or even a happy birthday coupon will help build a strong bond. Plus, the insights and value you have constantly provided will attract people to explore your business.

4. Boost Traffic to Your Website

Emails are an outstanding way to drag your customers to your website. Make use of your email campaigns to prompt the readers to visit your website, blog page or other engaging content by adding relevant links to the email content.

5. Save Your Time & Budget

If youre a small business owner, youll surely have constraints about time and budget. So, you can consider email marketing, which is a lower cost strategy than other marketing channels since there is not any postage cost, like other media.

Some Real Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Not all people know the worth of email marketing and some may think that its overstated.

Here, you will spot a few examples of the advantages of email marketing.

1. Establish Credibility with Your Audience 

Usually, people partner or do business with people whom they get familiar with, like, and trust. Emails provide the full potential to build credibility with your customers, through sending useful and handy content. When people start trusting your action, they’ll show more interest in knowing about your business.

2. Maximize Customer Response

With email marketing, you can reach out to the right people about offers or discounts at the right time. It makes you receive more responses from your customers regarding your message.

3. Skyrocket Your Sales & Revenue

When you know your target audience but are looking for ways to increase your sales, email marketing is a golden ticket. Have a look at Colorado, and Allegria spa, which use email marketing to communicate with their local customers and increase their sales count gradually.

4. Easily Build Buzz 

If you want immediate attention or to create hype around your new product or offer, email marketing is the best strategy. You can track your campaign results by finding out which messages attain more opens and clicks and figure out which type of messages are making your audience get excited.

5. Build A Conversation 

With emails you can begin a two-way conversation which, trust me, can be of advantage to you and your customers. Reinforce your potential customers to share their ideas or feedback by conducting polls. This method will work if a business purely depends on email campaigns to deliver tips, news, and any current updates.

6. Promote Your Outcome

Service-based businesses face the challenge of holding their clients captivated to their services. And emails give a chance to keep your customers engagement in the right way. It helps to give soul to your exciting and new services.

7. Expand Your Audience

Email marketing lets you expand your audience. For small businesses, its a seamless way to grow their audience and to stand out in a competitive market. Especially you can reach people who are pouring their interest in hearing from your business. This way you can easily expand your audience.

8. Brings in More New Customers

With your attractive and effective newsletters, you can pull new customers for your business. Make use of emails wisely to make people aware of all your products and services. Email allows you to reach a large audience in less time.

Tricks To Run Effective Email Marketing 

Construct Mailing List

Before you begin, ensure that youve gathered all the email subscribers related to your business. Make use of the double opt method to bring in more people who are interested in your newsletter. Increase your mailing list through blogs, websites, social media, and more.

 Figure Out Relevant Content

One of the most crucial parts of your newsletter is your content. Add value to your customer via your content. Avoid pushing sales-related content quickly, as that will make your audience unsubscribe. Share engaging content related to your product or business. Moreover, concentrate on the subject line too.

Evaluate Your Action 

You need to define your goals for your email marketing campaign. Remember to include call-to-action for more results. Keep track of every action in your campaign. You can make use of Google Analytics to check results from the newsletter. Know your target audience, try to know their preferences, and needs, and plan your campaign accordingly.

Try Out a Test Email Before Sending 

To make your subscribers open and respond to your link, you must ensure all the messages are working without any fault. Before sending them, double-check the content. This practice helps you to run successful email marketing campaigns. Also, view your messages in multiple email providers.

Winding Up

Email marketing is an essential marketing technique for every small business out there, as it comes wrapped up with multiple benefits that can uplift the growth of your business. 

The point is simple, here you can effortlessly communicate or engage with your potential customers on a regular basis, which is the expectation of todays marketers and customers. Through email marketing, you can satisfy those expectations by building healthy relationships between your business and your subscribers. You can even use software tools to run your campaigns.

You can use embedded sign-up forms, try to increase sign-ups everywhere, create your email to be mobile-friendly, and use automated emails with simple and attractive visuals. Also, make sure that your email design highlights your brand’s voice and keeps up your sign-up promises.

Have you ever got tired of using the same marketing strategies to run your online business?  

Well, is it producing any result?  

Having a creative marketing strategy is mandatory in this current competitive world. You may ask questions about how to establish an innovative or out-of-the-box marketing strategy. Its all about implementing your marketing plan in a creative way.  

Marketing strategies will keep on changing according to peoples interests and technology. When you see the top digital marketing strategies, it lies between how you are impressing your customers and using tech trends of that particular day  

When it comes to planning your marketing strategy, it must be focused, well-organized, with proper objectives and goals. Any business must have its own marketing strategy to hit their success in front of their competitor. In fact, having a well-planned marketing strategy is mandatory to get survival in this competitive world.  

In this article, you’ll be seeing some creative strategies which help to grow your business.  

Let’s jump,  

Build An SEO Optimized Website : 

As soon as you kickstart your new business or have an existing one, your first and foremost action must be creating an eye-catching website, where your customer can easily buy your brand or know more about your services.  

Once you build your website check whether its Seo optimized, which is the most important thing to boost your organic web traffic.  

Just remember, skyrocketing your organic traffic which must be your top-most priority than other marketing tactics.  

Have a look at the following stuff to get SEO-friendly website     

1. Must have high-quality content related to your targeted niche  

2. Before creating content for website ensure youve worked on keyword research  

3. Make sure your primary keyword presents all your landing pages, tiles, meta description   

4. Dont forget to use structured data to improve your SERP rankings for all your web pages. Also, create outstanding SERP listings 

5. Give importance to local SEO, long-tail keywords  

6. Pay attention to technical SEO parts, like website design and page load speed.      

7. To be frank, you must work on multiple stuff to get an SEO friendly website.  

Embrace Your Brands Personality  

Whether its a big or small business, its crucial to have a strong relationship or bond with their targeted customers. Highlighting your brands voice and its personality is actually a mind-blowing way to impress your audience.  

To get a long-lasting impression, keep your brand authentic and always an interesting story about business. You can even share your success stories or challenges you face to make your audience more connected with your brand.  

So, just remember, to make your audience engaged with your brand, share with them a brand story.  

Make use of every single chance to tell an amazing story about how your brand came into existence. In the “about us” section, you can take advantage of videos and attractive pictures to share the brand story in a captivating and remarkable way.   

Give A Try on Social Media Marketing

A budding or small business can easily invest their time in social media marketing which is not only budget friendly but also effective.  

Lets look at some social media marketing hacks to get better results.     

1. It is essential to pick the right social media platform to market your business. One of the best tricks is to find out the platform your target audience are mostly engaged with.   

2. Create your brand voice and dont forget to stick to it.  

3. Try to be super active and publish consistent posts  

4. Grab your audience eyesight with quality and captivating visuals   

5. Include your website link in your social media bios  

6. Implement some marketing tactics to pull social media traffic to your site  

7. Make use trending and popular hashtags, ensure it must be relevant to your brand, audience   

8. You can even come up with your own branded hashtags   

When it comes to social media strategy you have plenty of ideas. Once you start working on it, youll find more innovative marketing tactics.  

Invest Your Time in Analytics  

Putting some effort into a data-driven marketing strategy gives you clear-cut vision and makes your action more effective. For a startup small business, you may be under some mistakes during your initial stage.  

Therefore, with the help of data and analytics, you can gain more useful insights. One of the best parts is you dont need to invest money in advanced software tools. You can find free or affordable tools.

In social media, you have in-build analytics which helps you to get some sort of useful insights. Likewise, for websites, you have Google analytics, which provide data about your landing page performance.  

Promote Your Product Via Videos   

This strategy will be apt for all kinds of business, particularly for the people who are looking forward to an increase in their brand exposure. Even the top brand or business face some struggles to get immediate attention and make people get aware of their new outcomes. 

Especially, when you release any new products, youll face some risk of making your people familiar with it. Thats why its important and effective to share product tutorials and explainer videos. With the help of videos, you can easily give demos about your product in innovative ways.  

Winding Up  

If youre a budding business, facing some difficulties in your marketing strategies, you people can try out those methods mentioned above. Sure, it will create drastic changes in your business growth, and you can even be able to find out some creative tactics to enhance your business through online  


Digital Marketing for real estate – How to get leads? Are you planning to reach a wide range of investors? With their busy schedules and the current covid situation the potential buyers are churning the internet more for real estate information. Digital marketing for real estate is playing a crucial role in the development of tier 2 , tier 3 cities and realtors cannot afford to under value digital real estate marketing. So, change your landscape of advertising to digital platforms to ensure that potential customers can reach you.

Importance of digital marketing for real estate More than ever now people are looking up to the internet for all kinds of information. That is why it is important for you to be in the digital space.

There are other reasons too:

Build your brand Digital real estate marketing increases brand awareness through a strong online presence. You can use multiple digital platforms to position your brand. Multilingual targeting is also possible in these platforms.

Reach targeted audience Door-to-door notices, billboards, and banners that you put up around the town are not noticed by everyone, and people don’t get to read all the details that you print. All are now going digital. So be there to target the exact segment of the audience. Digital real estate marketing enhances reaching people who are beyond your locality and paid ads come handy in targeting the already interested audience.

Build brand trust through constant customer engagement If you are a realtor looking out for newbie’s, you must be constantly communicating to your potential customers. It can be anything from sharing information about how near your property is to public transport facilities, hospitals and educational institutions, price ranges, the possibilities of the development in those specific areas to a simple happy new year wish. The key is making your brand stick in the minds of potential customers.

Cost-effective Campaigns Digital real estate marketing is the most cost-effective way to advertise when compared to other forms of marketing. The reach and the exposure are extremely high and some of the ad forms are even free. If realtors are not making use of these opportunities, then it is a definite loss.

Easy performance tracking Whatever the digital platform maybe it is easy to track the performance of the ad campaigns. The insights and the immense data gathered can be utilized to generate leads. Data analysis can be handy in changing strategies. Analysis of the campaigns that work best to offer better returns is also possible.

Reviews& Testimonials Testimonials and reviews are a fantastic sales pitch technique. Make your happy customers sell for you. Customer testimonials are a key factor in building brand trust. They display honest and unbiased voice about the purchase. Testimonials along with photos encourage potential buyers. They create credibility and help to overcome skepticism. People would love to hear from real people whether it is worth the investment.

Reviews when positive generate a high visibility and credibility. Try to address the negative reviews with care and when the customer thanks you for the effort made by you, it creates a lot of goodwill.

Retargeting Retargeting can be enormously powerful in generating further sales. It’s a terrific way to develop insights using which you can laser focus on your potential customers. Digital real estate marketing is an amazing alternative for cold calling where potential customers show interest, say for example, paid ads.

Real estate online marketing to increase leads There are many real estate online marketing strategies that can take you to the desired audience and skyrocket sales. The good news is that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. We have gathered the most powerful real estate online marketing strategies that provide a better ROI, increase sales, and improve growth.

Invest in a website If you are a realtor planning to reach a global audience then having a website is a must. Your website is your online office that is open 24/7. It shows all the properties and houses that you are promoting for sales and drives in tons of traffic.

Ezio, one of the top real estate social media marketing companies, can be your great partner in creating result-driven ad campaigns and websites that catch all the eyeballs. We create websites that:

  1. Create a strong online presence

  2. Build brand trust

3.Increase brand awareness

  1. Generate warm leads

  2. Maximize exposure to your properties

  3. Deliver your message to the potential purchasers

If you don’t have a website, ask for a quote right now. We build websites that fit your budget and requirements.

SEO to skyrocket rankings Recent research shows that more than 87% of buying decisions actually begin with a search in digital platforms. You need SEO strategies to position your real estate agency on the first pages. It also allows you to develop long-lasting customer relationships, empower your business and attract new potential customers. The benefits of SEO are endless including:

• High ranking

• Beat out the competition

• Increase organic traffic

• Generate more leads

• Bring in more sales inquiries

Let me tell you how Ezio can do a comprehensive SEO to reach prospective buyers and improve search rankings. We do competitor analysis, keyword research, On &Off page SEO, fix broken links and build high quality backlinks, improver user experience, optimize content and images and more.

Ezio, one of the best real estate social media marketing companies, has developed a next-gen Site Audit Tool which our clients can use for FREE to check all the elements that bring down the ranking. We support our clients with perfect reports and best fixes that shoot up your ranking, traffic, and sales.

The undisputable advantage of Email marketing Email marketing allows you to target a specific audience and nurture relationships. Most customers prefer emails to sudden unexpected calls or visits from you. When you send relevant content like price ranges and area preferences customers would start trusting you more. Email marketing for real estate also helps to communicate messages that cant be conveyed through cold calling and provides a better ROI.

Ezio, one the top real estate social media marketing companies, designs and executes powerful email campaigns with a promise of high open rates and click through rates. Our campaigns are great for generating return-customers and high conversion rates. They are suitable for mobile marketing so that your customers can open it on the go. We take care that the subject lines are short, that there are plenty of white spaces, and present information in brief and easily readable style with subheads, highlights, and bullet points. We also incorporate videos, newsletters, and daily email blasts for better conversions.

Benefits of PPC for realtors When you shell out money for ad campaigns you should find smart ways to get a better return on investment. Pay per click (PPC) is one such clever strategy that targets the interested audience rather than the general public and you need to pay only when they click.

Ezio, one of the best real estate social media marketing companies, can help you to hit a huge pool of instant traffic by reaching out to thousands of people instantly. We will help you to increase brand recognition and improve the overall revenue success by targeting active searchers. Our PPC campaigns can:

  1. Drive in extensive traffic

  2. Score even through algorithm changes

  3. Secure high ROI

  4. Build brand trust

  5. Generate local and global leads

  6. Target and retarget customers in real-time

Tap on the power of content marketing “No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog” says

Chris Brogan, Founder New Marketing labs. And that is true to the core. It is a fantastic way to show off your expertise to the maximum. Distribute relevant content that is valuable to the customer. But boasting about your past performance is a no-no. Provide information that will be useful to the customers and would help to solve their problems. Ask yourself,

“What will my client think before buying the house?” Not only customers, but search engines also love useful content. But make sure that your content is unique, is of high quality and engaging.

Social media marketing More than 76% realtors use social media to promote their real estate business.

Social media is a goldmine for realtors if you have a solid social media strategy. Ezio, one of the top social media marketing agencies, can create cost effective campaigns that can produce:

• Maximum reach

• Brand reinforcement

• High quality engagement

• Strong customer relationship

Use Facebook to hammer down your business It’s a no-brainer that Facebook and Instagram offer multiple opportunities but if used wisely. We at Ezio can design effective and engaging ad campaigns which will allow you to directly target demographics and users with specific interest. You can share updates, communicate with customers, book appointments; highlight your success stories and more. We can keep you on top of your customer’s mind and integrate your real estate marketing efforts. On top of all that the results can be measured, and strategies can be changed according to the data analysis.

Focus on mobile marketing Stay connected with your potential customers and makes them choose your service on the go. Mobile marketing makes local business targeting comfortable. Mobile marketing opens the gates for many advantages that drive in sales which include:

• Instant conversions

• Cost effective

• Easy to connect with customers

• Track user response

Wrap up Though you may implement one or more digital marketing strategies on your own, in this highly competitive digital landscape it would be a smart decision to choose top social media marketing agencies like Ezio because more than the reach, conversions are important and Ezio offers a full funnel targeting.

We are different from other digital marketing agencies. How? We #SwimAgainstTheTide. We design smart and innovative strategies that are result-oriented and data-driven. We make every effort to increase traffic, improve sales, boost revenue, and bring about long-term growth.

Share your comments below if you have benefitted from these tips.


PPC Budget Optimization (PPC Budgets & Bidding) Businesses around the world prefer Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns as they are intended to target the already interested audience and deliver better results when compared with other forms of advertising. PPC is the most widely used digital marketing promotional tool by top PPC companies in India like Ezio Solutions to gain high ROI.

If you want to get relevant traffic, to significantly increase brand awareness, and amplify sales then, PPC advertising is the most popular solution. But to run the campaign successfully you should know the basics of budgeting and bidding.

Lets pe into the details of PPC budgeting right away.

How to prepare a PPC budget Do you think running a PPC campaign will be beneficial to your business? If yes, then the next step would be setting up the PPC ad spend budget. PPC is that type of campaign in which the budget set should be accurate. If your budget gets high, you would be spending more than the profit and if it gets low, you will not get the desired reach. So, understanding the basics and techniques are important.

We have broken down the facts and factors involved in PPC budget calculation here.

Have sensible goals What are your goals for setting PPC campaigns? Before you start to set the budget determining your PPC ad goals in alignment with your core business goals will serve better to achieve the required results. Think before you act. Are you here for a long game or for generating leads and conversions? Is brand awareness your objective or generating revenue? Have a thought flow like this before you fix a budget to get the expected return. Even the best PPC companies in India like Ezio deeply analyze their clients’ business goals before they start.

Set a goal for profit Your ideal budget should be on these bases:

• Average Order Value (AOV)

• Gross Margin percentage

• Cost per acquisition

Say you wanna drive $5,000 profit a month, and if the AOV of the product is $450 with the gross margin as 55%, then you can set up a budget for about $7,375 for a month without exceeding $147.50 as cost per acquisition. If you have already started to think that this is too complicated and wont let you to focus on your core business, better leave it to Ezio, one of the top PPC companies in india.

Pick out powerful keywords If you need a better ROI, choose keywords with high search volume. Go for keywords with huge search intent to produce the number of clicks expected in a month. You can take advantage of tools like Google Ads keyword planner or a free PPC audit tool.

This can also help you to forecast the monthly spend as you can estimate the cost per click and click through rates.

Ezio, one of the best digital marketing companies in india, can assist you better. Ask for a consultation now.

Equations to form an ideal budget If you are not sure where to start, these formulae will help you:

• Budget – (Margin x AOV x Number of Sales) = Profit

• Required traffic = customers needed/conversion rate

To determine high and low ranges: Highest total budget = Highest average CPC * Highest traffic required

Lowest total budget = Lowest average CPC * Lowest traffic required

For a simplified solution you can contact Ezio, one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

Factors to be considered • Sales period

• CVR – Lead to Sale (%)

• Conversion rate (%)

• Cost per Click

What is a daily budget in PPC A daily budget is the amount of money that you’re PPC advertising campaign will spend on a day. It is not fixed and can be more or less, as you fix.

To take a clever decision on your daily PPC budget call the experts at Ezio, one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

The role of campaign hierarchy You should have a blueprint of how you are going to allocate your monthly budget. The hierarchy is determined by performance goals that are based on ROI. It is also influenced by ad groups clubbed within that campaign because they contain the same keyword themes as yours. Most of the budget is usually awarded to the lower funnel keyword themes that drive people to do some action on the website. It also depends on whether you want to be visible on branded or non-branded themes.

The Basics of Bidding There are various bid strategies that you can test on. Manually setting up a bid is the best option when you don’t have historical data. Manual bidding can be done at the keyword level to have a control over the spend or at the ad group level so that all the keywords can share the same bid. But when you start bidding, assign the bids at ad group level to collect data. When you achieve 100 clicks for a keyword, you will get enough data to offer insights and you can adjust your bid at the keyword level accordingly.

The Final Price Just because you set a bid it doesn’t mean that you are charged the same amount. The price also depends on auction time competition, ad’s quality, and ad rank thresholds.

With Ezio, one of the top PPC companies in coimbatore, you can sit back and relax because we will send a clear report on all the metrics.

Get to know the optimal bid Everyone knows that the highest ad rank takes the top position. To achieve this top rank, you must have high quality scores for your ad. Even if your bid is low, if you have high quality score then your ad will rank high. So, always try to increase the quality score of the keywords before you increase the bid.

Taking the assistance of experts at Ezio which is one of the best digital marketing companies in coimbatore can help you overall.

Use Bid Modifier Once you accumulate campaign performance data, you can start using “Bid Modifier” as it will empower you to bid high or low based on:

• Location

• Audience

• Device used

• Time of the day

Bid on Keywords Monitoring and analyzing the day-to-day bidding process can be made easy with automation. There are about seven automation bidding strategies that can be used according to your business goals:

  1. Maximize clicks

  2. Target outranking share

  3. Target CPA

  4. Target ROAS

  5. Enhanced cost-per-click

  6. Target search page location

  7. Maximize conversions

How much does a PPC budget cost in 2021 If you are a first time PPC investor this question will surely strike you. Choose your keywords first and then set a maximum bid for each click. As you pay only when a click is made, you need not worry about the ROI. The advantage of PPC advertising is that you can spend just a few cents to reach the target audience and to get qualified leads.

Ezio, one of the top PPC companies in coimbatore can help to maximize the clicks for a low cost-per-click.

Why PPC budget is important PPC is important as it gives greater control over your budget and your ad spend. There is no minimum budget, so you needn’t worry about entry. It is the most successful form of paid and controlled advertising. The advantage is that you can spend more on the areas that work and stop spending on the areas that don’t work for you.

Ezio, one of the best digital marketing companies in coimbatore can provide effective PPC campaigns and various other smart advertising solutions.

Competitor Analysis – Alternative way to determine PPC budget Have an alternative way to set the budget, because sometimes the usual methods do not provide the expected results. Competitor analysis is the other best option. You will have competitors around even before you start your business. That is why competitor analysis is essential and will greatly help in fixing your PPC ad budget. Consider how much your competitors are spending on PPC ads, for what products and the keywords that they are using to run the PPC ad campaign. Take care to research at least about 10 competitors to gather all the required data.

How to avoid negative consequences

  1. Set accurate campaigns If the budget is poor, then the ad platform will not have enough time and space to exhibit satisfactory results. Likewise, an overestimated budget also means that you are spending more than the profit that you make out of the sales. All this means that you should be fixing a budget with accurate estimation.

  2. Inaccurate budgets cost you If your budget is inaccurate, it will cost you more than expected and that again will result in shift of budgets. It may also occur that you may lose the opportunity to tap the best potentials of a growth driving promotional channel.

Ezio, one of the top digital marketing companies in coimbatore can help you with accurate budgets for a high ROI.

The types of campaigns that you can run • Search ads: These are the ads that are shown on top of the search engines.

• Social ads: Ads that are run on social media.

• Remarketing ads: Ads that target people who had visited your website.

• Ecommerce ads: Ads focused on sales on Google Shopping.

• In stream ads: Ads that are displayed in YouTube, before the videos get loaded.

• Display ads: Ads on third party website.

The importance of landing pages “If a good PPC account isn’t converting, in 99% of cases the landing page is the problem.”

That’s perfectly true. If you need the campaigns to work as you expect, you should be having a unique landing page. Clicking the ad is just a small part and if you want the profit out of the PPC campaign that you run, you should have engaging landing pages with useful information and with a quick access otherwise, the users may click back immediately to Google.

Let’s see how Ezio can help you with PPC campaigns PPC is the most stunning way to reach the targeted audience on all platforms such as Google, Bing, and others quickly. Plus, it can be easily set up. They can be seen by thousands of people, so it is important that you optimize these ads carefully. This is where Ezio, one of the best PPC companies in india can help you.

Ezio generates the power for a huge reach and the ability to target the specific audience around the world. We help you to place ads on search engines and social media platforms and guarantee a ROI that is more than expected.

How we do it At Ezio, we run high-profit multichannel campaigns for our clients using innovative strategies. We believe in #SwimAgainstTheTide formula for growth. We cater to every kind of business that include B2B, SaaS, B2C, small and large companies and others. Ours is a data-driven approach to help our clients to make money authentically. We have a dedicated team of experts who increase leads while reducing cost per lead.

We measure the total effectiveness of the campaign. The metrics and data about who the ads are reaching, how it’s reflecting on sales, and what are the reactions of the customers are all collected and analyzed for improving or changing the strategies.

Choose smartly! Choose Ezio and join the club of our happy clients.