Below Deck Star Ben Robinson Reflects On His Six Seasons On The Show

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Ben has gone on to set up his own successful catering campany on the West Coast of the US after learning his trade on board yachts and working at top restaurants including Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck.

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'But then COVID hit and everything shut down, so I did what everyone else did. I got into painting, photography, meditation, tested the limits of Postmates Unlimited.'  I went into lockdown mode, and got engaged.

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I binged seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars, got un-engaged, and went looking for aliens in the desert. 'Also, I didn't know this could happen, but reached the end of Instagram four times. So basically, the same as everyone else!'

Below Deck and its spin offs follow the drama of the yacht's crew as they work around the clock to fulfil their rich guests' every whim, while dealing with their own romance rollercoasters and friendship fallouts.

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She was embroiled in a love triangle between chef Adam Glick (above) and deck shoes online bosun Wesley Walton on season two of the show Close quarters! White's love life has already been featured on Below deck shoes uk Mediterranean.

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