A new puzzle

Well, we still have a bit of a lockdown so we needed to get a new plan ..... Buckingham Palace.

At the local supermarket they sold cardboard base plates from famous English tourist traps. Well, I bought three of them, as the price 2,65 a piece was a steal.

Small, yes I know , but let’s do this !!!!

So this morning, 07.15 we got a not so nice message from Noah’s school: teacher was sick ......... again and they were not able to find a replacement ......... in other words, no school for Noah today. The message ended in: thanks for your understanding.

Well, ...........THAT was not as planned but we had it covered. Many parents had some difficulties dealing with the situation according to the groups app ...... and were not pleased the way this was shared !!! Oh well, just two words: Buckingham Palace.

Just checking the numbers. No glue, no scissors, just taking it out of the board.

I cannot write it better than the pictures showing it:

Not totally done, but it looks really nice.