Behind the beat of Beatzcoin

Some digital currencies stand out in the large quantity of offerings. Currencies, Tokens and/ or Coins having a utility, will make a difference and will survive the big boom of “digital nothings” going south. One of the Currencies that shines in the large offering is BeatzCoin

If you look at the light paper, you can read:

BeatzCoin is the currency used to transact on the VibraVid platform. All transactions, deals, products, services, bounties and giveaways are recorded on the blockchain ledger, eliminating the need for a middleman.

If you want to know more, you need to go to the source and who better to ask than the person behind the currency.... the founder and CEO! ! !

So, the founder of BeatzCoin is Steven Zambron. He came up with the concept of BeatzCoin in late December of 2017. Himself, Steven has a musical background and was discovering the innovative technology of blockchain. Right of the bat, he understood that cryptocurrency would pave the way for something disruptive in the creative content space.

It is common knowledge that musicians and good video content creators:

a) have a difficult time getting noticed;

b) are often censored when expressing an unpopular opinion,


c) rarely get fair pay from the platforms that profit from their content.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer in what direction to think and the first drafts were made.... what would later change into a whitepaper

The first steps were made in 2017. 2018 was a year when the project was formed and 2019, man, it is already nice to look back and see the tremendous amount of growth. VibraVid was formed and BeatzCoin saw day light

Two important words: VibraVid and BeatzCoin, what are those two?

VibraVid is a multi-chain, fully decentralized platform designed to efficiently stream audio and video, where users and creators engage toward earning cryptocurrency. It is built on the BitTorrent File System.

BeatzCoin is a digital token utilizing blockchain technology, created on the Tron network. With BeatzCoin, you can buy video and audio content, event tickets, fan merchandise and advertising; tip your favorite video and audio creators and support their crowdfunding efforts.

VibraVid is a software company that uses BeatzCoin as a means of payment within its platform,

The VibraVid Platform will be a place where everyone will have benefits. Artist get paid when Listeners purchase content, stream, crowd funds, merchandise and / or downloads. and listeners will receive marketing bounties. Both will receive a share of the ad revenue.

This would look like:

The platform itself looks very clean. You can listen to music, view videos, see what you played, your downloads and your wallet. Very user friendly:

Now that we know a little bit about the project, what does this all mean for the investors in BeatzCoin: YOU .... well staking!!!

BeatzCoin is a super representative, Tron’s system of governance, and you can freeze your TRON Tokens (TRX) with BeatzCoin. As a voter, you've frozen your TRX with BeatzCoin, you will receive TRX and BTZC rewards.

Let's see what 2019 has already meant for the project.

The first major milestone was the launch of VibraVid, the music and video platform.

The second milestone, BeatzCoin listed and traded on reputable exchanges, TronTrade, CryptoRank and ProBit are among those, but soon you can also use changelly, to trade BTZC with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and more than 100 other coins. This will make on boarding very easy.

BeatzCoin is built on the BitTorrent File System; fair question, can you tell us something about Justin Sun, does he know BeatzCoin, does he know you?

“Unless you’re already well established, or involved within Justin’s inner-circle, it is usually challenging to gain his personal support. I met Justin at Nitron2019, and I had an opportunity to have a photo and brief chat with him. I was also able to have a longer discussion with Justin Knoll (from BitTorrent) that same night.

Justin Sun does follow @BeatzCoin on Twitter and has strategically re-tweeted some of our news and info.

Asking Steven for the biggest hurdles to overtake, he surprisingly mentioned that reaching out was not the biggest hurdle but educating musicians and video creators on how to monetize their work through the power of blockchain technology, the Tron network, and the BeatzCoin token. It is moreover the internal hurdle, the content creators themselves instead of all the factors coming from outside.

More details about BeatzCoin:

Pre-Sale: 12 Aug 2018 – 15 Oct 2018 (1.0 TRX = 5.0 btzc)

Public Sale: 1 Nov 2018 – 1 Feb 2019 (1.0 TRX = 1.0 btzc)

Ticker: BTZC

Platform: TRON

Country: Canada

Accepting: TRX

Hard Cap: 733,333,369 TRX

Total Tokens: 3,000,000,000

Available For Sale: 46%

Registered Wallets: 18.119

Transaction in Ledger: 937,808

Another fun fact, John McAfee is a BeatzCoin Advisor. What does this do to your project, what does it bring?

“Hate him or love him…the man has been in the space for a long time and is very knowledgeable. He too is someone who is reluctant to give his support, unless you are showing more than just words and ideas. John has many connections and has been key in his advisory for the project. A music lover, I caught John’s attention almost by accident…and the rest is history” ! ! !

Good moment to mention the most Prominent People @ VibraVid:

Steven Zambron Founder and CEO

Dallas Tatlow COO

Misha Lederman CCO

Neil Gordon Technology Director

Alex Guerra Director of Artist Relations

Tasos Oureilidis CBDO

Steven Brown Marketing Associate

Steve Lourenco Project Manager

Cleon Fernandes Branding & Design Engineer

David Wawrzyniak GuildChat Community Manager

Lionell Jenious Artist Relations

Mike Hanson Artist Relations

Blake Suarez Artist Relations

What is in store for BeatzCoin:

“Incorporating advertising, where both the content creator and user have an opportunity to enjoy a portion of that revenue. We are also working on our highly anticipated POLS system, where BTZC holders can lock away a certain portion of their tokens and be rewarded with a hefty percentage of tokens for doing so. We also have a few more things up our sleeve that I cannot address at this time” ! ! !

Being invested in XRP and my name is XRPTwin, I had to ask Steven about Scooter Braun? If he is a competitor?

“Of course not. Mr. Braun is, however, a manager, and their job is to make money from the person that they are managing. It’s somewhat of an advantage to be connected with people that have vast experience in the industry, however, you wouldn’t trust the central banking system to operate all of the Bitcoin nodes, would you?”

Talking about XRP, I think, looking at my name, another success story. Maybe combining the two would be a huge thing. A new CryptoExchange where BeatzCoin should / could be listed is Bitrue. What about a pairing with XRP (and TRX of course)....... would be nice/ amazing......

BeatzCoin is an organic project of community members who understand the room for change and growth in the un-noticed music and video industry. BeatzCoin is secure, instant, has a nearly free transaction cost, and is the driving force behind the revolutionary cryptocurrency-based music and video platform, VibraVid.

It has a real-world use-case, and VibraVid has the potential to attract many users ! ! !

Stevens entire vision is to provide an alternative to the senseless censorship, and lack of ownership of one’s content. At the end of the day, it’s about a better distribution of wealth. There is no reason I should be flying in private jets and making a 6-figure salary, while the stars of my platform are paid pennies.

Steven asked me to make it clear the project would be much harder if there wasn't such a great ever-growing community of BeatzCoin supporters.

I also asked Stephen some random questions:

01. Are you able to juggle three tennis 🎾 balls in the air?

“Yes, and I am getting rather good at multi-tasking day-to-day activities in order to borrow as much of my time as possible to the project”.

02. Better sport: darts or cricket?

“I prefer darts, though I’m not very good at it”.

03. If Justin asks me to go to Warren Buffet, I ... (fill in the blank)?

“I would go in a heart-beat! I am not the perfect candidate to explain blockchain technology, or to try to persuade Mr. Buffet that Bitcoin is not “rat poison” but any and all exposure is good for BeatzCoin, and I could definitely present the no-brainer of an alternative that VibraVid is bringing to the masses”.

I asked Crypto Exchange Bitrue to support me, support Steven and support the BeatzCoin Community in a give-away.

There are three prizes to win:

First Price 200 BTR

Second Price 100 BTR

Third Price 50 BTR

You have to do the following:

Go back to the tweet:

Follow @BitrueOfficial and @BeatzCoin on Twitter

Have an Account on Bitrue (to collect the prices)

Forward the Tweet and Tag 3 friends

The prices will be randomly drawn on November 20

If you do not have an account yet, click here

Thank you Steven for the interview and I am pretty sure BeatzCoin is a currency we WILL hear more of in the (near) future. I will revisit and look what has happened. Good luck on the progress!

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