COVID-19, not over yet ! ! !

Positive stories in the news, COVID-19 is under control, less people infected, less casualties, it is not spreading as fast anymore, people are getting invested ...... well, not everywhere.

Noah is at home at the moment because his school has a little problem. Out of the 14 teachers, there are 6 at home. Rumours are spreading, the truth, still in the middle. The school claims not to have replacement teachers, so Noah has to stay home ! ! !

Oh boy, what about that, ....... ? ! ?

Not sure what to think about it, but have to share, a lot of parents are seriously aggravated, especially hearing about it last week, Wednesday morning at 06:00 AM: no school for Noah today ....

My wife and I, we are able to cover it, but some people, oh boy .....

All the parents, together, we have our own WhatsApp group. The tone of voice was not positive, the tone of voice was not against COVID-19, not against the teachers, but the message hearing it soooo late, our children were not allowed to be in class ! ! !

I guess, we can deal with this ...... I guess we have to ..... we cannot have it all. The most important .... everybody is safe and the more important:


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