Crypto Interviews

I love interviews, I love Crypto ..... Well, that is a match made in heaven ! ! !

I have interviewed very nice names in the atmosphere, can definitely think of a couple names still to interview ! ! ! The next interview, will land tomorrow, is one I went for and happy it happened. It is wild, a little personal and one you want to read .... you will find out tomorrow.

It does not stop there. I was gone for a bit, with the interviews, had more interviews a couple weeks / months ago (link). Need to update it a little, but most of my interviews are on this page ! ! !

I found Coil a great place for these interviews as Coil itself is Crypto related. The micro-payments is just another Reason, another Utility why the Header of this article points to the right, to the Ripple logo .... no hair on my head beliefs for a second that Ripple is an illegal security.

Before Coil, I wrote on where I started to write, because of Hodor. Hodor, if you do not know him, is absolutely, by far, the best Crypto (XRPCommunity)/ Ripple (Coil) writer in this industry. He was also the driving force for me to continue to write and I was fortunate enough to publish a Blog with him.

Before people think I classify myself in the Hodor league .... Well, not even remotely close. He is a whole different writer, a whole different league, so not even worth mentioning. I was lucky to start writing when he was around and I was able to learn from him ! ! !

Well, that was not where I wanted to go, but that is okay.

It is a great time being alive; living during this transformation, knowing that 99,99% of the world population has no clue what is happening, what crypto is, what Nostro / Vostro is all about and what , 100% has no clue, is going to happen in the remainder of 2021 ! ! !

At least, I am going to enjoy tomorrow. Everybody enjoy the remainder of your day, with some green XRP on your screen


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