From time to time, the DM's I receive are so bad. I do not understand why the have to be written that way and I hope it is a sign ! ! !

I remember that there have been times before that particular people feel the urge to shill me their coin with clear words. Shilling besides telling me, sharing me that XRP is a S**T coin. I do not think I shill XRP. Yes, I have XRP in my name, yes I like to write about it, quote people, share stories, news articles, but I don't tell you to buy it. That I see an opportunity, that I am positive does NOT mean you should agree.

I look at different coins and if you look at the total, I think I have had over 30 / 40 different coins. Am I proud of it, absolutely (NOT); you choose the answer to that question. I have had unfortunate coins, I had fortune coins/ rides; it has been a learning curve and I see that I own viewer and viewer now. Am I still looking around, absolutely and I would love to own more dollars/ euros to convert into other coins that I do not own.

The F word (not Ferdi) in combination with XRP is uncalled for and let's all be civil with each other. There are many great projects out there and yours, mine, let's all be winners.

This is going to be a short text, especially because I should not write too many words about this topic. Let's all get a long and wish each other that, what everybody is looking for, whatever that is ....


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