Investing with Emotions

Investing needs to be hardcore buying, based on numbers, based on Reports, based on facts ...... Do NOT get your emotions in the way; you can read it everywhere:




A lot of overviews have been presented:


One specifically seen in Crypto is the next one. Probably most people recognise it:


So, emotions and investing. There are many stages. Where are we now, well, for many we have seen Euphoria, but IMO XRP is still a Thrill-seeker.

If you look Hardcore to Technical Analysis, Pips, Fibonacci, Support Lines, Trend Lines, Resistance, that, yes that should not be looked at through watery eyes, or a smile from ear to ear. That is what it is, drawing lines, looking at how it currently looks. if it stays below/ above a specific line .... to forecast the near/ far future.

I absolutely agree with looking at it that way, NO emotion.

BUT ! ! !

There is also a soft side to “investing”. I've learnt that during my university years, when I actually went shopping with the Economics Professor's Wife. This was for an American Marketing Association (AMA) meeting we had planned; not getting into the details ! ! !

We were walking the isles in the Grocery Store, got all the cheap cups, drinks, chips and other things and went to check-out. While we were standing there, the “not interested in Economics” wife looked around and said:

well, look at those filled carts, you should invest in Walmart, Sara Lee and Ahold .....

I was surprised by it and had to think about a lesson one of my High School teachers gave me years before:

“Women are Smart, Men need to learn **THAT** smartness by reading books”

In my example, men had to see all the Quarter Numbers, Sales, Projections and all that jazz. Women, use there common sense, see the baskets, buy alert ! ! !

I would like to share, although generalised by words like women / men, the latter paragraph is not intended to see all men the same and all women the same; there are women that study a lot, read a lot and learn a lot. There are also men that are amazing shoppers and value the things they are buying. If I hurt your feelings, I am sorry, not intended ! ! !

Getting back to emotions and Crypto Currency. For all the Hodlers, as long as it does NOT influence your buying, but more specifically your selling, let your emotions out; 99% of Crypto Twitter does it, so be part of it.

If you are fed up with XRP being suppressed, let it out, let the world know .... Would you like to tell the world what you think of NFT's, you have no clue, or you want to share your knowledge with the clueless, go for it.

There is just one rule:

Don't be mean to others, respect each other ! ! !

I have never been in an investment environment that has been so influenced / determined by emotions. Sharing amounts, sharing tokens/ crypto currencies/ digital assets that people are invested in; people dissing each other because they don't follow the right people, have the right “bag” ! ! ! Emotions every where; I read it with a grain of salt ..... a BIG grain of salt that is ! ! ! Your coin, my coin battles, they make no sense. Different projects serve different markets, have different utility.

This market is still very young, is still looking for winners and yes, many of the coins today are not making it.

At this time let's battle together shout #relistxrp .... oops, only if you want to. Read all the fantastic gains people are making, hoping for ..... Hoping for because, at this moment, the picture looks like this:


Oops, Sorry, not intended. Next week is going to be an interesting week, especially MY week, but YOU will see


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