Last Day of the LEGO Castle ?

The day started of doing a little Egg Hunt, so LEGO had to wait a bit. Eggs all hidden by the Easter Egg and Noah had to look for it:

Was a lot of fun, but now back to serious business ! ! ! Back to bag 34.

If dad works with Noah alone, a bag looks like this:

If mom works with us, a bag looks like this:

So once again, going into the sky. The second part is now reallly forming well, Chambers, details and now getting a real roof above the arches. Lots of windows, colors ! ! !

It is so strange that when we were starting this second part of the castle, we were a little down as it was a little side project, besides the big castle. But while we were busy with this second part, it became bigger; it became a serious contender for the first part ! ! !

With a big slide, as Noah names it, the building was growing and growing.

34 , when putting all the pieces together was a breeze, went very well, and organized ! ! !

Bag 35 ; red pieces , yellow pieces , green and blue, all nice , breaks the monotone color:

Noah watching from the other side ! ! !

The second building, nicely getting erected

Putting the colors in place. After the roof is on, you wan see a thing anymore.

The overall picture of the front of building two; we cannot wait to attach the two together.

Looks a little like the White House ; well, without the sites. Ready for Bag number 36:

Getting the pieces out of the bag, small with small and big by big ! !

Putting all the pieces together again ! ! !

The building now has a roof. Looks better and better ! ! !

With some details ! ! !

We had to work on the towers and before we knew it, was it time for the last bag; number 37.

The adventure started on the 25th of March , less than 3 weeks working on completion...

37 was all about connecting the 2 components together and wow , we were looking forward to that moment...

Putting the final pieces neatly together and starting with the final towers...

Noah wanted to already have a photo with the castle, so here we go:

The castle was growing, final towers erected, started to REALLY REALLY look good...

And then the moment came, the final page, the connecting of the 2 pieces. Thrilling moment for the both of us. Drumm rolls and


Amazing so big.

The building of the castle has been an amazing time. It was special bonding with my son, the smiles, the laughter, the bonding, THE BONDING. Quarantine is not only horrible to be in, but it presents new situations. My relationship with my son was already very strong, but it is even stronger now ! ! !

Please find below the pictures of the castle in different angles.

I also made a little video of the castle. If you are a Coil Subscriber, you will be able to see the magnificent building in a little video .....


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