Puppy Training 101

Time to get the little lady to the test. My wife and I had a couple questions about our new member in the family, so we looked for some professional help: checking internet and we found dognl made an appointment and Janette came by to give us some tips and tricks regarding our young lady .....

We wanted to know everything about Splinter:

Sleeping habits

Name Recognition

Going to do her number 1 and number 2 at a designated place

Eating Habits



**1. Sleeping Habits
This, ..... this is where we went wrong. We like to have Splinter around, playing with her, BUT, babies .... puppies need to sleep. We heard 18 hours per day was NOTHING out of the ordinary and eh ..... well, let's say, we are a little short on eh ...... 18 hours ! ! !

A good tip: have a schedule, the beginning of Splinter her life she needs the sleep to grow and to keep healthy. What happens in the first minutes, days weeks of her life helps her in her whole life; give her the rest she deserves ! ! !

So, Janette being the interviewer I am, I would like to know a little bit more about the lady training our little princess, how did you get into this profession ? ? ?

DOGNL – Janette:

Well, dogs have always been my hobby. During the day I had a payed job and at night I did a dog school. It just did not work out anymore, the both of them, so I chose where my heart was ... My previous profession was teaching and well, 1 and 1 is


**2. Name Recognition
This was the fun one .... How do we teach Splinter her name .... we knew we had to reward our little princess a little, the patience, how was it going to work ? ? ?

Well, Janette has the answers and just smiled


look at this, she had a little dog treat and had Splinter near her. At the moment she was NOT looking, she called Splinter and at the moment there was eye contact, she praised Splinter and gave her the treat; one tail wagging cuty was enjoying the little gift. This was repeated a couple times and well, this is something we had to repeat daily, this is how you teach something and how it sticks ! ! !

Covid19, what has it done to you Janette, has business picked up, slowed down .....

DOGNL – Janette:

easy answer: busier than ever ! ! ! 2020 proved to be 1 ½ time the revenue I had the year before. Tho, I did not have a lot , enough, time for my own dog. That is going to change in 2021. I am going to take more time off, in order to do things with her. It is fun to work with her, as she does things I am not able to do myself. I love to put something in the forrest, hide it for her, and she needs to find it. Almost always she comes back with “the price” although she does like to trail it via the most interesting path, following a rabbit's trail, bushed with thorns, or just a fun road she wants to take ! ! ! It is always fun and well, we keep on training each other ! ! !

3. Going to do her number 1 and number 2 at a designated place

That is an important one also, as we do not want her to use our house as one big toilet. Listening to Janette, it all sounds so easy. It is NOT easy, but she makes it sound like a walk in the park. You just need to designate a specific place and keep on visiting this place at the right moments ...... like ALL DAY ! ! ! Meaning, eating, go outside, drinking, go outside, every half an hour, 45 minutes, go outside. playing a little, go outside.... It is just getting the right moments and “Pavlov it” .... That is a term I gave it, just dawned on me. Our lady is doing well, we still have “accidents”, but she is getting the job done ..... well, ........ next question for Janette ! ! !

What do you think is going to happen with all the dogs bought “during” COVID-19 .... The term Corona Dog is already floating around, what will happen, filled dog shelters ? ? ?

DOGNL – Janette:

Standing in front of an empty soccer goal right now, with the ball on the foot, easy peasy .... Dogs are group animals, have a hard time being alone. During Covid-19 many dogs have spent great time with their new owner and after the pandemic that may .... will change (a little). And of course, dogs will be offered on the different Craig's Lists, eBays of this world. People know what they got into, have all the time, when working at home, but the moment “borders” will open again .... dogs will be sent to the shelters, unfortunately the forrest, but working from home has shown there are also benefits, that may also benefit our little buddies at home and will help keeping them there ! ! !

4. Eating Habits

Do you feed a dog all day, 3 times a day, do you keep a food bowl standing in the kitchen all day, or do you put it up ? ? ? Well, puppies need to eat, they get stronger, it is for their bones and total structure, so very important. Also, use a schedule for this. Very important to give food at the same “time slots” every single day. This will relax the dog, it will relax YOU and it just makes it all workable. Dogs, love food but if they stop eating, just put it up and wait for the next feeding. In the morning, lunch and diner, same time and if the don't like it, switch it around; you eat what you like, so make your little buddy a great meal, he or she will love you more for it ! ! !

Well, a day full of wisdom and Janette was an amazing lady to talk to. In a couple weeks we are planning the next session, but this time our son has to be part of it, as he needs to know all this stuff also .... Sometimes things sound better and more believable if it NOT your parents. The way Janette handled Splinter .... I cannot wait for Noah to meet her.

It was amazing, looking forward to the next meeting. Thanks Janette.