The Bold Type

If 10.742 voters give it an eight out of ten, the series must be pretty okay ! ! !

I am talking about the Series: The Bold Type, little girlie, but it is a fun series, easy to watch and it gives me quality time with my wife. She likes it a lot and well, after a couple episodes I got into it. Just browsing over Twitter, checking some graphs, ready some DM's, it is all good ! ! !

So, the series, features three ladies in the magazine business. Fashion plays a big role and I must say the series is very up to date and dealing with real world problems. Easy entertainment, but I like it, fun to watch ! ! !

Katie Stevens (Jane Sloan), (Meghann Fahy (Sutton Brady), Aisha Dee (Kat Edison) are the three main characters and are followed going through their individuals careers. The ladies work at Scarlet, a magazine where all ladies have a different role. Each individual works out their own problem that highlights a real problem / issue of the nowadays real world. Once again, very easy to watch and it is also fun ! ! !

Season one has been finished in not too many days, now we are working on season 2. No spoilers, but I do have a little clip of one of the first episodes:

So, THE moment for me to actually write about the series in my blog. This scene, 2018, maybe recorded in 2017 .... was early but RIPPLE ! ! ! I would love to hear Matt (MoonLambo) comment on the Tweet, I am sending out about this blog; we will see about

that ! ! !

Really interesting though, to see this detail. Probably 99% of the viewers never saw this detail, but one episode further, I am still thinking about it ..... funny. Well, will watch more and if something pops up that is not correct with the real world, I will tell you guys