What do I actually have ! ! !

A question you should ask yourself ! ! !

I am talking about Digital Assets of course. I am talking about your back up plan; couple questions:

  1. what are your logins / passwords
  2. what coins do you have on exchange(s)
  3. what coins do you have on ledgers
  4. who has the details to your coins (exchange / wallets)

All these questions please take them serious and re-visit. This has been my plan:

I wrote everything down for 2 people un-mentioned here, but they know what to do ... I think. They know each other, but both have part of the answers. I re-visit this list from time to time as things change. I have sold things, so details are not correct anymore. I just to have assets on 1 exchange ...... well, nothing running on that exchange anymore. Different amounts, different wallets, apps that need to be downloaded, once again do NOT underestimate how important this is.

Actually, I need to revisit this as the list is not correct anymore. Assets and logins in this list are NOT together, so it is secure ... I think ! ! !

Besides the point of telling your loved ones how to get to the digital assets, maybe it is also good to know what you actually have. Go to the exchanges and look at the coins you may not check every day, every hour, every minute, eh ........... XRP ! ! ! Maybe you forgot about those small bags you have, maybe you forgot about those 1.000 coins you have there, Uphold, Binance, Bitrue, Coinbase all those exchanges, you know everything, what about all those DEX's,

I just hope everybody knows what they have, how coins can be transferred to next of kin, or somebody important. Plan, prepare and

BE SAFE ! ! !

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