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Raszy lives with their partner in a Swedish forest on a flat granite mountain, where they grow food and chop wood. They're a friend to rad anarchists, trad witches & hermit monks.

They're interested in food security & community resilience, sustainable forestry & meadow restoration, regional folk & plant lore, grave-fields & rune-stones, tape-loops & field recordings, typewriters & cut-ups, early Japanese travel writing and Old & Middle-English poetry. Expect posts to drift hazily between these topics.

The flat mountain is also home to the in development Flat Mountain Papers zine imprint and the Sofiebergsvägen Museum of Folk Memory project.

Contact: 📧 flatmntn@pm.me

Fedi links: 💻 Mastodon | flatmountain@weirder.earth 📷 Pixelfed | flatmountain@pixelfed.social