Been slacking on the updates here the last few months.. it's a cycle of harvesting / preparing / storing and freezing.

We're looking to get an apple press this week to start making cider. Have a bucket of rosehip sherry on the go and it's already smelling like it could kill a horse.. so that's promising.

It's been a while we had to drive into town to pick anything up in the shop. Pretty much every meal now is patched together from the kitchen garden, save for staples like rice and pasta. We usually have an ample of supply of every spice on the face of the planet, which takes care of most extra needs.

We for sure let some of the zucchini grow WAY too big — it's easy to miss the bloody things in the jungle of leaves.. and they turn from too small to kaiju in a matter of minutes I swear — so there's been a lot of “Let's make zucchini sauce / pesto / bread / cake / stuffed / roasted / crispy stir-fried”, but that's cool, it's a versatile plant and gives a ton of produce.

This all means we've been getting a good baseline for how much we want to grow next year to sustain us for a longer period, and how much space we'll need to expand into to start building resiliency. We probs get through garlic and onion and chilli the fastest — and if we run out of those there's gonna be a riot up in here — while the other crops come and go at different times and it's pretty easy to adapt cooking around that.

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