Have settled on Sigurd Knight / Sigurd Claymore from the always wonderful Blaze Type folio as the typeface for the Sofiebergsvägen project.

The above is a combination of stylistic sets, trying to maintain a balance between the more ornate elements on offer. I'm not sure I've ever published anything that didn't use a sans-serif for the title — or at least a heavy slab — but I really wanted to work with a font with a different kinda display character for this. Sigurd is my perfect match, plus I love the design info behind it:

“Inspired by the hero of the Nibelungen Saga, Siegfried, Sigurd is a font family gathering its inspiration in the shapes of swords and feudal armours. It aims to be an elegant font family yet deeply strong in its design construction. The design process started from an old scrap of letters found in an obscure set of the Eda stories.”

Very minimal kerning applied so far. I'll come back to that later when I have the cover layout set for print.

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