Further berry dispatches...

These bowls represent about 15-minutes gathering in the bushes crowded directly around the house. Mostly blueberries, red-currants and raspberries. Probs some gooseberries hidden underneath too.

The majority of the dense 'berry rich' outskirts of the forest remain untouched, because right now we don't have the space to store them all if we pick them. And lets be real, you can only eat so many berries every day! Our precious kitchen space is limited, and the fridge is already filled with jam.. and my partner keeps making more jam. Jam jam jam.

“Gonna make some more jam today” they exclaim, as I write this.

We got electricity installed in the barn the other week. This involved a laborious process of digging a trench from the house to said barn so we could run a cable across, occasionally having to manoeuvre through the fucking granite bedrock of the flat mountain and its impenetrable compressed layers of ice-age rock. This kind of landscape is why this area of Sweden has traditionally been so poor.. it's really, really difficult to work and farm land that's shot through with the rocky deposits of ice-age glaciers — but it's also a big part of why I love the landscape here so much.

Anyway. We did it, so now we have power in the barn, which means we can install a freezer box in there, making it much easier for us to store and preserve things like soft fruits in the future.