Our first Midsummer in the house was a small but enjoyable affair. There were six of us altogether: we skipped out on the dancing and the more energetic pagan frenzies, but there was food and drink and flowers and singing. We all went on a walk to gather wildflowers to make wreaths to wear, and we took down an aspen tree to communally decorate the Midsommarstången (Midsummer pole / Maypole). Traditionally you're supposed to use birch, but maybe we can start our own regional variation. Aspen leaves do give that lovely soft trembling sound in the wind.. like a warm background drone machine.

It was probably a good idea to take a relaxed approach, given how tired the both of us have been lately. Next year, when we're a bit more established here in the house and on the land, perhaps we can plan a more extravagant celebration.

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