Flat Mountain Dispatches



under the floorboards is where i store the hair and iron nails the withered red berries and the little pockets of skin sewn like leather


open the skull separating the teeth parting the bone


crossroads dirt rubbed into palms


i peel away the skein of the forest floor admiring the slick dampness of stone below


[connect] old stones [to] rewire fractured land


En besvärjelse för att avvärja mörkret

#photo #ritual

Beneath the forest. Memory shards — living stones. Spook archaeology. Objects of hauntological conservation. We explore the personal myth narrative. Re-ordering the flow of time. Archiving events on a ribboned surface like magnetic tape. Echoes of discarded memory emerge, like E.V.P. through the static. I re-spool the loops and play them back again. New memories are invoked — new connections are made. Transmissions bleed out. Records are archived. Inscribed on rock — mapped onto the surface of the cairn. The decaying memory re-producing machine. Compilations and adjustments are made. Observations re-processed — Abstracted. The ritual of mechanical reproduction.

#folklore #photo #ritual