'Ummon-kan' | Case 11


Ummon said to his monks, “I don't ask you about anything up to the fifteenth of the month, but say something for after the fifteenth.” Because no monk could reply, he answered himself, “Every day is a good day.”

Comment: is the next day the sixteenth? absolute rubbish the whole thing is itself
it's impossible to say anything for after the fifteenth so what does he know what do you know about every day?   four then seven eight thirty blows!

Note | Blue Cliff Record: “[Ummon] set down a question to instruct his community, 'I don't ask you about before the fifteenth day; try to say some­thing about after the fifteenth day.' He cuts off the thousand distinctions, and doesn't let either ordinary or holy pass. He himself answered for everyone, 'Every day is a good day.' The words 'before the fifteenth day' already cut off the thousand distinctions; the words 'after the fifteenth day' also cut off the thousand distinctions.”