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Made for Open Source Projects

Write.as gives your project a focused, public space where you can share rich long-form status updates, proposals, and deep-dives with other developers and the wider public.


Reach the decentralized social web via ActivityPub. Write.as enables anyone on platforms like Mastodon and Pleroma to easily keep up with your posts.

Command-line Publishing

Use our command-line publish­ing tools to plug into your fa­vorite editor, or simply make sure you never have to leave the terminal.


Write.as automatically installs, maintains, upgrades, and backs up your site so you can focus on writing and building great soft­ware.

Focused Writing Experience

Your team gets a distraction-free space — no "social" feedback or notifications — where they can get into a flow, concentrate on their writing, and then get back to making great software.

For One or Many

Write.as Pro

Write.as Pro gives you a clean, professional blog (or three) on your own domain. Readers can stay up-to-date with your posts via RSS, ActivityPub, and email.

Write.as for Teams

Write.as for Teams gives your community an intimate writing space to share updates and knowledge. A public instance makes your project's communication transparent and accessible.

We also offer discounts for open source projects, from 50% – 100% off. To get one, just get in touch and tell us a bit about what you're building!

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Built on Free Software

Write.as is powered by free and open source software, WriteFreely. If you want to self-host your project's blog or community of blogs, you can freely run and modify the underlying software.