Blowing Off Steam

L needs someone to help her blow off some steam, and K is more than happy to lend a hand. #erotica #sex #romantic #NSFW

The rain poured down on L as she walked the short distance from her Lyft to the entrance of the bar. She stood under the awning and shook water off her jacket, cursing under her breath. Exasperated, L walked in and made her way directly to her usual seat at the bar. She frequented this place for months and was friendly with the bartenders and some of the regulars. L felt her phone buzz and pulled it out of her tight pocket. L furrowed her brow as she read the name of the person texting her and immediately locked her phone and shoved it back into her pants. She could not be bothered to read any message from them. L let out a sigh and hung her head. She was exhausted. L was a very practical person when it came to fulfilling her sexual needs. At any point, she had close to three or four men upon whom she could call to blow off steam. However, she currently found herself with an utterly disappointing crop men in her rotation. Each one was either incompetent in bed, or had such a dreadfully boring personality that the sex was far from worth it. She just needed someone tolerable who could competently follow instructions. L lifted her head when she heard the sound of a glass sliding against the wooden bar. She nodded at the bartender and sipped her drink, top-shelf tequila straight-up. The taste soothed her and she felt her muscles begin to relax. L wore her dark blue jeans and black leather jacket over a white blouse. She was all curves and her outfit showed it. The bar was unusually empty for a Thursday night, though the regulars still made their appointments. After taking a few more sips, L reached into her pocket for her phone again. She pulled at the phone, and with a slip of her fingers it slid out of her hand. As if in slow motion, she watched the phone fall, when suddenly a hand darted out and snatched it out of midair.
The man attached to the hand looked at L and smiled, “That was a close one,” he said. Reeling from the sudden jolt of panic she'd just experienced, L took in the man who saved her phone. He had blue eyes and his brown hair looked freshly cut. “Oh my god, you saved my life!” L exclaimed as she received her phone back from the stranger. The man smiled at L as he straightened, “Don't mention it. If you're here on your own, would you like to join us?” He nodded his head in the direction of a table with another man and a woman. “You know what, I'll gladly join you,” L said, smiling. L approached the table and the man's two friends introduced themselves. The woman was M and the other man was K. L's savior was T, and he gave M a kiss as he sat down. L sat next to K and across from M and T. The four of them chatted and the drinks began to flow. L learned that T and K were colleagues at a consulting firm downtown. T described how he and K became fast friends early on in their careers as they both started at the firm around the same time. L was intrigued by their dynamic. T was very outgoing and drove most of the conversation. Meanwhile, K sat silently, only contributing a few words when he did speak. Though, when K had something to say, it was incredibly clever, and L took note of his sharp wit. Additionally, in contrast to T, K had a mop of wavy black hair and deep, brown eyes. Though he slouched, L could tell he was about the same height as T, around six foot two. L offered to buy the next round for the table and made her way to the bar. As she waited for the bartender to take her order, K came and stood next to her. “Thought I'd give you a hand with the drinks,” K said, his deep voice resonating such that even his hushed tones were clear. “Thanks,” L replied, “You don't say much, do you?” “I usually let T do the talking,” K said, his voice raising to a more conversational tone. “It takes me a minute to get into the groove with new people. Sorry if that made things a little awkward.” . “Don't sweat it,” L said, giving K a light slap on the arm. Standing next to her, L got a better look at K and liked what she saw. He still had a slouch, but his well-cut blue button-down and black jeans emphasized his slim and muscular build. An idea formed in L's mind at that very moment and she felt in her gut that she had to go with it. L leaned on the bar and looked K directly in his eyes, “So, are you in a relationship?” K shook his head, “Not at the moment.” L took a half-step toward K and leaned in, “I really need to blow off some steam, you want to give me a hand?” L watched K's eyes widen and his mouth go slightly ajar as he silently nodded. L marked K's confirmation and felt her blood begin to pump. She tried to tamp down her eagerness, but as she looked at K, she couldn't help herself. “Great. We'll get these drinks to T and M and take our leave,” L said as she and K carried the drinks over to the table. L and K placed the drinks down. L was opening her mouth to speak when she heard K's deep voice start first, “We're going to head out guys, I'll see you at work tomorrow T.” Before L knew it K grabbed her hand and they were out the door. L, who was not one to be easily flustered, felt herself blush as K flagged down a cab. After getting into the cab, L gave the driver her address and immediately turned to K. In an instant their lips were locked. L felt K's hand wrap around her lower back, pulling her in close as she tangled her fingers in his hair. L became lost in the kiss and before she knew it they'd arrived at her home. L grabbed K's hand and guided him through the front door. The moment the door closed behind them L and K were once again wrapped in each other's arms. Kicking off their shoes, and still entwined, they walked through the front hallway toward L's living room. L began tearing open K's shirt as she walked him back into a wall. Driven by lust, L ripped open K's shirt and the last few buttons flew out onto the floor. L felt K's hands undo her pants and she shimmied as she took over, shoving them off and onto the floor to join the lost buttons. L grabbed K's hair, pulled his head back, and whispered in his ear, “You're going to do what you're told, got it?” K let out a hushed bellow of approval and L grabbed him by his waistband and dragged him further into the room. L threw K onto the couch and pointed at his pants. “Take off your clothes,” L said as she stood in front of him in just her white blouse. L watched as K removed his pants and underwear, revealing a rapidly growing penis between his hairy, muscular thighs. K threw his pants to the side and L stepped onto the couch, putting her right foot onto the seat back, and shoving K's face between her legs. L experienced a burst of sensation as K immediately went to work. She felt his tongue work figure-eights around her vulva, each round peaking at her clit. The suction of his lips wrapped around L's vagina left her catching her breath. She felt her senses heightened, pleasure reverberated through her body in time with K's thrumming tongue against her clit. L began grinding against K's lips, moving her hips to the beat of K's strokes. She felt K gripping her ass as he burrowed deeper with his tongue, slapping in time with his flicks. L's knees buckled as each wave crested. Hardly managing to collect herself, L gabbed K's hair tightly and pulled him away. She stood over him and bent down to kiss him once more, soaked and dripping from K's perfect first impression. L tasted herself on K's lips and trimmed beard and her hunger grew. L climbed down from the couch and eyed K's now fully erect cock. His second impression was proving impressive. L grabbed K by the throat and brought her face close to his. Gently squeezing, she whispered, “Fuck me senseless.” Just as L released her fingers from K's neck, his quick hands grabbed her arms, twisted her around as he stood, and pushed L towards the wall. L's cheek and chest were flush with the wall and her arms pinned behind her when she felt K's immense penis thrust into her. L let out guttural screams as K's tremendous cock filled her up and reached deep inside her. The sound of slapping skin echoed with each powerful thrust, accompanying L's unending stream of desperate curses and pleas. As if driven by bestial forces, K pounded her harder and deeper, pulling her arms back tighter and pushing her further into the wall. L screamed out for more and K obediently obliged. L drowned in waves of ecstasy, losing time and awareness all at once. The tight grip and pull of her arms coupled with the deep, relentless explosions of orgasmic energy emanating from between her legs left L at K's mercy. L's knees shook as she squirted, K's thrusts never relenting. She came with a force that sent shock waves rippling through every cell in her body. L roared, overtaken by the release of her pent-up sexual energy. K's thrusts slowed, and L felt him slide out and release her arms. In a single, smooth motion K spun L around and held her by the small of her back. He leaned in and gently kissed her before walking her to the bedroom and laying her on the bed. “You were incredible,” L managed to say between heaving breaths. K smiled and left the room, returning with two glasses of water. He handed one glass over to L and joined her in bed. “I hope that did the trick,” K said, as L gulped down the ice cold water. After placing the glass down on her nightstand L turned to K. She slid her hand under the covers and wrapped her fingers around K's cock, “It absolutely did. But get ready for round two, I've had a rough week.”