L is finally granted release after days of denial at K's hands. #erotica #sex #romantic #NSFW

“Why aren't you presenting,” K said, his deep voice stern, cold. L's eyes widened and her face went soft, a bead of sweat ran down her face as she dropped the magazine she was reading. Her mouth opened to apologize when K's gaze fixed devastatingly on her. “Well?” K's voice somehow filled the room while never increasing a single decibel. L scurried up from where she was laying on the bed and quickly stripped out of her clothes. She threw her oversized t-shirt and panties to the side before jumping back on the bed on all fours. L's wide hips and generous thighs rippled and her black curls bounced as she hurriedly assumed the position. Her breasts were small and perky and her large, dark nipples prominent against her smooth, brown skin. L raised her hips and spread her knees while pushing her head deep into the plush comforter. L heard K's fly unzip and the swish of his tie coming undone. L's heart pounded with anticipation, her mind racing as she attempted to recall whether she had adequately “cleaned up” and “prepared” herself for K.

K dragged his soft fingertip between L's cheeks. He took both his hands and spread L open, exposing her hole and separating her dark, prominent lips. L gushed as she listened intently to K's breathing, trying her best to glean any hint of his approval. Still holding her cheeks spread, K said, “You've done an adequate job.” L winced slightly at 'adequate' but reminded herself of K's impossibly high standards, making a mental note to take a little extra time to prepare before her next inspection.
K continued, “Now for your taste test.” L gasped as K's tongue caress her parted lips, drinking up her anticipatory juices. Her hands gripped the bed tight as he sucked her clit while simultaneously drawing figure eights with his dexterous tongue. L let out a hushed moan. She suddenly felt the burning sting of K's hand against her ass. “Did I give you permission to make a sound?” K said, his drenched lips pulled away from L's warmth. L wanted to apologize again but knew that another sound would mean continued denial. L resorted to burying her face deep into the covers, squeezing her eyes shut and biting the comforter to keep from letting out a single sound as K masterfully worked his lips and tongue over her pussy and clit.

K moved seamlessly from L's drenched pussy to her winking hole and twirled his tongue around the rim before easing his tongue inside. He swirled his tongue around and inside L's asshole furiously as he reached his fingers underneath and rubbed her clit. L felt convulsions begin to wrack her body as she came, the worry of moans disappearing as her breath held, mouth agape. K continued rubbing L's clit faster with each spasm, all the while licking L's hole. After cresting and crashing several times L collapsed and K retreated. Her breath was ragged as she looked up at K towering over her. “I'm satisfied. I'll allow you to have your toys tonight, just get me a gin and tonic first,” K said as he undressed, propping a pillow up against the headboard as he took a seat.

L gathered herself and hurried to the kitchen to procure K's drink. Walking back into the bedroom with a glass in her hand, L took in K's body. His long, black, wavy hair hung down over his shoulders. His broad chest and flat stomach covered in a fine layer of hair, a trail leading down the center of his torso. K's cock lay small and limp between his hairy, muscular thighs. She watched as K took in her body, from her breasts, down her stomach, and across her hips. Quickly collecting herself, L handed K his drink before kneeling beside the bed. K took a slow sip of his drink, closing his eyes as he twisted his neck, cracking the day's stresses away.

K looked over at L, his eyes seizing every bit of her attention. He reached over with his free hand and gently held L's chin between his thumb and forefinger. “You've been waiting so long, what's another couple of minutes?” K whispered, bringing his nose within centimeters of L's. She let out a whimper as K pulled away.

K continued to slowly sip his drink and L knelt at his side, her longing gaze shifting from his lips, to his chest. She watched K's chest slowly rise and fall, trying her best to breathe in rhythm with him. As K finished the last drop of his drink, he placed the glass on the nightstand and nodded his head for L to join him on the bed. L immediately jumped on the bed and straddled K's hips. She felt K's penis begin to swell with her soaked warmth pressed against it. L dug her nails into K's chest as she waited for the words she'd been dreaming of for days. K looked deep into L's eyes and a slight smile touched his lips, “I'm yours, my love.”

L immediately leaned in and kissed K deeply, tasting the gin on his lips as her tongue danced with his. She unconsciously rocked her hips, feeling K's long, thick cock slide against her aching clit. L reached back and guided K's cock inside her. She bit K's lip and moaned as his cock slowly filled her up. Every day of denial adding another layer of pleasure as she gripped and pulled K's hair. When K's cock had finally entered L, she felt the heat of K's hand slap against her ass as he prepared to thrust again. L left K's lips and dug her teeth deep into K's shoulder as his rhythmic thrusts carried L through torrents of ecstasy. Bursts of stimulation from K's relentless pounding were punctuated by the sudden vibrator pressed against her clit. The sound of L's guttural moans overtook the slapping of skin and hum of the vibrator. Her legs shook as she came, and K slowed his thrusts and removed the vibrator. Out of the mists of her orgasm, L felt K's hot breath against her ear as he whispered, “you're mine, now and forever.”

L immediately clenched around K's cock as his words echoed in her head. Every fiber of her being was dedicated to him. He was all she wanted and he never failed to provide. She craved these moments, this pleasure. Before L could react, K slid both his hands behind her, cupping her ass. In a single motion, K flipped L over onto the bed and he stared down at her, his hair hanging down around his face. Holding L's gaze, K's impressive cock remained deep inside her. L gasped as K's penis pressed her pleasure points, the curve of his penis perfectly angled to bring L to orgasm. K's hips moved faster as his cock went deeper and L's moans turned to screams. Her fingers dragged long, deep tracks down K's back, earning primal growls rumbling in her ear. L's legs wrapped around K's waist and her ankles locked together as K's vigorous pounding quickened. L cursed as her legs squeezed K deeper inside, every inch of her body awash in pleasure. L dug her teeth deep into K's shoulder and muffled a scream as she came, bursts of colour filling her vision. K slowed the thrust of his hips and gently stroked L's hair as her body convulsed through orgasmic aftershocks. L continued clenching around K's cock as they lay still, their bodies glistening with sweat.

L felt K slide his cock from her pussy as he leaned down and kissed her deeply. K rolled over next to L and wrapped his arm around her. L curled up against his body and rested her head on his chest, stroking the hair covering his stomach. “How's my girl doing?” K asked, stroking L's hair. L looked up and him and nodded, unable to articulate her bliss. K kissed her forehead and squeezed her tight. As the fog lifted from L's mind, she slowly traced her fingers down K's chest and wrapped them around his cock. L stared at her snugly held toy, a smirk breaking across her lips. “Don't think this means you'll get to cum any time soon,” she said, tightening her grip around K's member. L slowly stroked K's growing cock and thought, what would another thirty days hurt?