The Hotel

L and her friends enjoy a night of carnal pleasures with their obedient little toy. #erotica #sex #romantic #foursome #Queer #NSFW

L’s steps quickened as she hurried round the hotel room. She double and triple checked her itinerary. The room was booked. The tools were bought. The orders were sent out. Tonight, was the night. L opened up the group chat with her friends turned conspirators. She sent out her final check-in message and received immediate confirmations. Now she had to inform the final player. L shot K the final text that read, “we’re ready for you.” L and her friends gathered before K arrived. She had booked a luxury hotel room with a king-size bed, full sitting area with multiple couches and chairs, and egregiously spacious bathroom. L stood around the bed with her friends and laid out their tools for the night. L could hear one of her friends, M, whisper, “finally”, as she looked over and saw her unconsciously biting her lower lip, eyes fixated on the decadent spread before them. L glanced over at her other friend, T, who had a visible bulge in their pants. L couldn’t help but bite her own lip, feeling herself getting wet in anticipation for night ahead. A few minutes later the group heard a knock at the door. L walked over to the door and opened it. Standing there in the doorway with two bottles of wine was K. L nodded approvingly and allowed him to enter. As he walks past her, L slaps his ass and smirks. K entered the luxurious room and was immediately surrounded by L’s ravenous group of friends, each of them pawing at him, biting his ear lobes, running their hands over his crotch and chest. L exclaimed, “Hey, slow down everyone. He needs to clean up first.” L’s friends reluctantly back away from their prey as L directs K to the shower. Before he goes to do as L says, K undresses in the middle of the room as L and her friends stand around and glare at him, practically salivating at the sight of K stripping every article of clothing from his body. K takes his leave and showers, making sure to get around and inside every accessible inch of his body. Waiting in the room hungrily with her friends, L hears the shower stop and a moment later watches K return to the room completely naked. To K’s utter shock and amazement, K re-enters the room to find L and her two friends as naked as him. Drool begins collecting in the corner of his mouth as he gawks at the incredibly gorgeous bodies before him. L’s soft caramel skin and generous breasts. T’s dark skin and rippling muscles, a thin layer of hair covering their chest and thighs frame their clean-shaven remarkable cock. M’s pale perky breasts, tiny waist, and wide hips contrasting her large, dark nipples. Never breaking eye contact L walks over, grabs K’s cock and leads him to the bed. As K reaches the foot of the bed L pushes him onto his back and smiles as L’s two other friends eagerly pounce. M and T each grab one of K’s legs and lift them up in either direction, exposing the objects of their desire. With her prize revealed, L gets down on her knees to come within eye-level of K’s tight hole. Leaning forward she runs little circles around K’s hole with her tongue, feeling it contract from even the slightest touch. Reaching up L grabs K’s now throbbing cock and slowly strokes it while continuing to trace circles around his sensitive hole. K’s eyes roll back and his moans fill the room as L’s flicking tongue and rhythmic stroking send goosebumps and pleasure through his body. Feeling as though K has been adequately warmed-up, L gets back on her feet and peers over at T’s now throbbing cock and licks her lips as it twitches in excitement. Glancing over, L watches as M becomes fixated on K’s cock. L leans over and deeply kisses M, feeling her breasts pressed against her own before leading her by her chin down to her knees to meet K’s hole with her face and continue where L had left off. L watches as T now holds both of K’s legs aloft as M vigorously rims and tongues K’s hole. L climbs onto the plush king size bed and lowers herself onto K’s face. L immediately feels K’s mouth wrap around her warmth, his lips vibrating against her clit as K moans uncontrollably from M’s work below. K’s continued rhythmic thrumming tongue against L’s clit in tandem with his vibrating lips leaves L catching her breath, moaning through tight lips. Composing herself, L beckons T over to her. T climbs intently onto the bed to join L, both hunters straddling their prey. As T stands over K, their long, thick cock meets L’s lips and she takes them into her mouth fervently, the warm, familiar cock filling her mouth completely as K continues his pressured oral practice between her legs, every thrum pulsating pleasure through L’s body, causing her skin to tingle. L instinctively reaches her hands behind T and plays with their hole, feeling them dilate as she masterfully works her tongue around the head of their thick, pulsating cock. Moans and screams fill the room for what feel like an eternity as L and T revel in the loops of pleasure cycling between the hot and sweaty bodies around them. L again musters enough consciousness to compose herself and get the plan back on track. “Everyone stop”, L calls to the room, herself resisting the urge to take T’s cock back into her mouth. “That was merely the warm up”, L says slyly. Moments later K is again the only person on the bed as L, T, and M pull out the set of tools specially procured for that night. L ties K’s hands to the bed before lifting his legs to inspect his hole. With a smirk L whispers to her compatriots, “We’ve done well. He’s definitely ready.” Little squeals escape from T and M as they excitedly rush to grab their tools from the spread before them. K cranes his neck to see L with a strap-on fastened to her pelvis with an enormous dildo hanging between her legs. T grabs the bottle of lube and slathers copious amounts of it onto K’s ass and L’s strap-on, making sure to stroke every inch of L’s dildo. M grabs a bulbous buttplug and squats over K’s face as she places the base between his lips and she lowers herself onto it, her ass swallowing the plug. She turns around and slowly licks K’s face before biting his lip and jumping back down off the bed. L then slowly slides her long, thick dildo into K’s ass and watches as he hungrily takes it in. K’s breath catches and fights against his restraints as L slowly slides deep inside him, pumping with her thrusting hips. Picking up on K’s moans and squirms L starts to fuck him faster and harder, relentlessly pounding over and over. K’s moans turn to yells and growls, and with every thrust M is mesmerized by L’s buxom ass pumping K’s hole. M drops to her knees and presses her face between L’s cheeks with her tongue in L’s ass, matching the rhythm of L’s thrusting hips with flicks of her tongue. L throws her head back as she feels M’s tongue probing her ass with every pump, sensual sensations emanating from M’s tongue pushing L to fuck K even harder. Having seen M go off script T takes it upon themselves to join in. They hop up onto the bed and straddle K facing L and take K’s cock into their mouth. They expertly work their tongue around the head and shaft of K’s cock before feeling their hair pulled up and off K’s cock to come face-to-face with L. “I’ll take care of this”, L says, “go and sit that ass over there”, pointing at K’s face. T’s face lights up as they shimmy backwards and lower their round, muscular ass down on K’s face. L watches as T’s eyes light up and their mouth go wide as they feel K’s tongue expertly works its dexterous magic on their hole. T’s balls rest on K’s chin as they stroke their throbbing cock and gently grind, biting their lip and moaning. The cadenced sways of L’s and T’s hips and K’s and M’s tonguing fill the air with a thick cloud of ecstasy, setting the room ablaze with passion. Refocusing, L catches a glimpse of pre-cum dribbling from both T’s and K’s cocks and recognizes these as signals for the next stage of the grand plan. L slowly pulls her strap-on out of K and turns around to lift M up off her knees and again kiss her deeply. L turns back around, points at K’s hole and tells T, “you should return the favor, no?” T beams as they hurry off the bed and falls to their knees and begin rimming K’s slightly gaping hole. L and M climb onto the bed on either side of K and they each untie his hands. K’s hands instinctively begin caressing every curve within his reach on each of their bodies as he gasps from the T active tongue. L and M look to each other smiling and turn to face the foot of the bed and bend over on all fours, exposing their soaked warmth for K. Looking over her shoulder L orders K, “you know what to do”, before looking over at M and whispering, “enjoy”. At that very moment L and M feel K’s long, slender fingers slide deep inside them. L’s eyes close and her breath catches as waves of pleasure wash over her as K fingers expertly press and pressure her pleasure points. A sensual buzz runs through her body with every movement of K’s fingers, unrelenting and rhythmic in their pursuit of sensual ecstasy. L grips the bed as K’s fingers reach deeper inside her and begin driving his fingers faster, pressing against her G-spot over, and over again. In the midst of all those incredible sensations L can hear M screaming from her mirrored experience and L can’t help but laugh between gasps as she remembers the first time she’d experienced K’s magical fingers. Before long both L and M are squirting and quivering uncontrollably. The orgasmic waves eventually subside and the group’s leader, L, gathers everyone’s attention. L scans the room to check-in on her two friends. M was curled-up tightly on her side of the bed, K’s hand gently rubbing circles on her ass as periodic shivers run over her body as intense orgasmic after-shocks pulsate through her, her plug peeking out between her full cheeks. L then looks over at T, who was now standing up at the foot of the bed between K’s legs. L eyes T’s tumescent cock framed perfectly between their rippling thighs. Watching both K’s cock and T’s cock, L takes note of their relatively equal size and girth. L remembers how they felt when they filled her up, how the curve of their cocks pressured the perfect points inside her. She salivates at the thought of seizing them both at once. She feels herself getting wetter as her eyes glaze over and her imagination takes over. But before jumping to the next step in the plan, L goes over to M and gently kisses her on her soft lips and slowly makes your way down her body with gentle kisses. Stopping briefly at M’s brown, erect nipples, L flicks and traces little circles around them before continuing down her body and finishing with a final kiss and a few licks on M’s clit and letting her settle on one side of the bed with a small blanket placed over her. After caring for M, L returns to ogling K and T. L watches as T teases K’s hole with the tip of their throbbing, erect cock. The leader then initiates the final phase of her plan. L walks back around to the foot of the bed and gets down on her knees and takes T’s perfect, throbbing cock into her salivating mouth. After preparing T, L licks and fingers K’s hole and strokes K’s cock, feeling it grow stiff in her hand. Satisfied that both T’s and K’s cocks are hard and pulsating, L guides T’s cock into K’s hole and immediately climbs back onto the bed and slides K’s cock into her impatient vagina. K gasps and arches his back as the overwhelming pleasure radiates from his cock and hole. L feels precisely what she remembers of K’s cock as K immediately begins pounding her hard and fast. T begins pounding K’s ass in rhythm with K’s thrusts into L. L feels T drag his nails down her back as K seizes L’s breasts in his hands and sucks and bite her nipples. L’s senses are overwhelmed as K’s perfectly curved cock rapidly and repeatedly pressures her pleasure points, his balls slapping against her as he thrust deep, his strong hands gripping her breasts. L digs her nails into K’s chest as she screams and cums, wave after wave of orgasmic energy washing over her body moments before both T and K scream out and explode in near synchronicity with final sustained thrusts and shudders. The three of them collapse into a pile on the king size bed panting, breathless. All three of them, through sheer force of will, manage to get under the covers, spooning and fondling each other as their breathing settles and the orgasmic aftershocks subside. “The perfect plan,” L whispers as she spoons M. L feels K’s chest pressed against her back and his arm draped over her, gently holding her. K takes a deep relaxing breath as he feels T’s cock pressed against his ass and his hand reaching down fondling K’s balls. L is the last one to fall asleep as she kisses M's neck and gently squeezes her perky breasts, her mind already devising future plans with even more friends.