How To Take A Decent Dick Pic

A Cocktorial if you will

I'm someone who loves sexting. Between exchanging lurid stories with a partner and sharing pictures, the experience can be very rewarding, especially during a pandemic. From my own experience, I wanted share some thoughts on how those of us who have a penis can take more 'aesthetic' pictures of our privates.

The worst dick pic is an unsolicited one. Don't send pictures to people without their explicit consent beforehand. Be a decent person, please.

Lighting and Angles

Just because it's a picture of your junk, doesn't mean it has to be trash. Lighting and angles are super important when taking a picture of your member. Regarding angles, I find an upward angle can help emphasizes and exaggerate size, especially when erect. The easiest way to take this picture is using the front-facing camera on your phone, but I would instead recommend using the back-facing one. The back-facing camera is oftentimes the better camera with a higher resolution. Because it will be more difficult to see what your picture will look like, you'll likely have to do multiple takes. But trust me, it's worth it. Timers and mirrors are also helpful when using the back camera.

As for lighting, don't be afraid of the dark. Some of my favorite pictures come from the clever use of flash in pitch black. When using flash, be weary of the light over exposing the entire picture. I've found that experimenting with distance and focus helps to avoid this. A lighting tip for that nooner pic involves natural light. Natural light at an angle can do a lot of the heavy lifting when trying to emphasize a specific aspect of your parts. Get creative with shadows as well. The important thing is to avoid blurry pictures, so take your time.


Context is key. When you're sexting, context can mean a few different things. The first thing context means is within a sexting session. A sexy back and forth between you and a partner can get things steamy. Sending a nice picture to show your partner how much you're enjoying what's happening can add a little extra spice. I try to avoid sending pictures outside a sexting session unless under specific circumstances. A before and after of a steamy session can add some dimension to a picture that would otherwise just be a random picture of your penis.

Context also involves what's in the picture beyond your penis and testicles. I've often found that the thing that those I'm sexting with keyed-in on most was other parts of my body where I intended the focus to be on 'the goods'. Taking the focus off your genitals and on other parts of your body like your chest or legs can elevate your pictures significantly. Hedge your bets and use the same lighting and angle tips for other parts of your body, you might stumble on something that really hits the spot for your partner.


I've definitely been in a position where I've taken a bunch of solid pictures and I start to slip with my own techniques, especially in context. Quality over quantity is the foundation of effective sexting. Inundation exponentially reduces the effect the picture might have for your partner. I found that during times where I was feeling very revved up and I wasn't sexting my partner I would take a few pictures and just hold onto them. This allowed me to get a handle on my instant urge to take the pic without the risk of inundating my partner and ruining the experience for them. And if those pictures meet your high criteria, you've got some chambered and ready for a more appropriate moment. Communication with your partner, like everything in life, will help you determine the frequency that works for you relationship.

Well, I can't believe I actually wrote this, but here we are. I hope this helps someone out there who happens to stumble upon this. Happy sexting y'all and stay safe out there <3