Knowledge Is Power

A chance encounter with L's past lover K leaves her breathless when she realizes they both remember each other's intimate buttons. #erotica #sex #romantic #NSFW

K slipped his hand across the small of L's back. He felt her muscles tense and a small smirk broke across his lips. The click of L's heels on the marble floors echoed as she walked with K through the entrance of the ballroom. L's red gown clung to her body, her plunging neckline drawing attention to her ample cleavage. Her young escort wore a tailored dark blue suit with a white shirt and royal blue bow tie. L held her silver clutch tightly as she struggled to maintain her composure as her hot blood still coursed through her body. L's heart raced and she felt beads of sweat run down her temples. 'Everyone's going to know' she thought, as they approached the large, ornate wooden doors of the ballroom entrance. As if he could read her mind, K leaned down and whispered in L's ear, “I held back so no one could tell.” L trembled and her knees just about gave way. She would have fallen if it weren't for K's arm around her waist, holding her upright. K grabbed two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and handed one to L. K raised his glass, “To old friends.” L smiled and clinked K's glass. The heat coursing through her body began to wane and L's memories returned as a coherent series of events rather than intense flashes of visceral sensation. As L walked with K towards the table they were seated at, her first memory returned. L sipped her champagne and became lost in thought, recounting the events of the evening.

L had come to the event alone. She was invited by a close friend and attended as a courtesy to her. L enjoyed dressing up and needed no excuse to breakout her killer red dress. The light material clung to her body, accentuating her wide hips and generous breasts. L was the first person at her table so she pulled her phone from her clutch and scrolled through her social media accounts to pass the time. “Wow, long time no see.” The deep, familiar voice shocked L and she whipped her head up from her phone. Sitting across from her at the round table was a handsome man with a trimmed beard in a dark blue tailored three-piece suit. The man smiled and L couldn't help but smile back. “Oh my god, K! What are you doing here?” L said. K worked with L almost 5 years ago. He was a young, new employee who worked under L for about a year before L took a position at a different company. They kept in touch and not long after started dating. Their relationship was passionate but ended nearly 2 years ago when K moved across the country for work. It was the first time they'd seen or spoken to each other since. K continued, “A friend of mine invited me. I can't believe you're here.” “I got an invite from a friend too. What a crazy coincidence.” L and K caught-up with each other's lives and K eventually moved to sit next to L. Their table had filled in the meantime, however, the two of them were lost in conversation. L felt K's hand touch her thigh. He held her gaze and for a moment they sat in silence. “I could use some fresh air. Care to join me?” K said. L maintained K's gaze and nodded. His dark, searching eyes were one of her many weaknesses. They walked out of the main ballroom and towards the front doors. Suddenly, L felt K grab her hand and drag her in another direction. L found herself in a dimly lit hallway off to one side, pressed against a wall. They stood there for a moment, and all she could think was, 'how did he know that all I could think about was him pinning me against a wall?' L stood there, staring into K's eyes, their heavy breathing drowned out the sounds of the festivities emanating from the ballroom. L broke the tension, grabbing K's head in her hands and kissing him deeply and passionately. Her head spun as K whisked them deeper into the hall and into a storage room. L felt the zipper of her gown expertly drawn and sliding off her body. K's hands grabbed and squeezed L's breasts, his lips never leaving hers. K held L against a storage shelf, his strength keeping L upright as her knees weakened and her mind clouded. L felt K's fingers touch her soaked underwear, and she opened her eyes to see K waiting for her. L bit her lip and nodded. Her breath caught and her jaw dropped as his slender fingers slipped deep inside her and found purchase on her pleasure point. K's tender, rhythmic massage coupled with his delicate kisses on her neck had L flailing for support from the shelves and mops scattered around her. She eventually settled on K's head, gripping tightly to keep herself upright and conscious. The surges of euphoria reverberating through her body overtook her. She was sent back to her days with K long past. He knew her body almost as well as she did. Every movement was calculated, honed with practice. L felt her orgasm crest, and just before crashing, as if on cue, K moved his lips to her earlobe and gently sucked. The final note of L's orgasmic concerto was masterfully played and L screamed as she came, her body spasmed, and she clenched around K's fingers. She stood there clutching K until the waves dissipated before finally gathering herself and standing on her own strength. “I hate that you can do that so easily,” L said as she slid back into the dress, “that's not fair.” K smiled and zipped up L's dress. “You can get me back next time,” he responded with a smirk. L glared at K as they left the storage closet together. “What makes you think there's going to be a next time?” L said, instinctively holding K's arm as they emerged from the darkened hallway. K's only response was a hand placed on L's lower back.

Returning back to the present, L's glazed look was replaced by flush cheeks and fidgeting. 'What else did he remember?' L thought to herself as she gulped the last of her champagne. She looked over at K who was talking to someone at the bar a few meters away. She took him in, his posture, his laugh, his hair. Few people knew L's buttons like K did. She grabbed another glass from a passing server and walked straight over to K. She approached K and the two men he was speaking to. “If you will excuse us gentlemen, I need to have a word with K,” she said as she grabbed his arm and escorted him away before the two men could respond. L brought K out to a corner of the lobby. “You never answered my question. How do you know there will be a next time.” L's voice remained steady even though she melted inside as she stared up at K. A smile broke across K's face, “I don't know. But I think your flush cheeks are a good indication.” L released K's arm and took a half step backwards. K stepped forward, his arms raised, surrendering. He dropped his voice to a register only L could hear, “I'm sorry, I was joking. Truly, I just missed you, and I felt that spark when we were at the table. You know how desperately I want to pleasure you,” K held L's hands, “you know me, I would never presume. I still can't believe you're standing in front of me right now, and I couldn't let you go without giving you something.” L's anger subsided, though the flush in her cheeks remained. How could she forget as much as K remembered? K jokingly presumed L's next actions constantly when they were together. And every time L would give him a smirk and a raised eyebrow, coupled with a 'we'll see about that'. L squeezed K's hands. “I'm sorry. I'm just as shocked as you that we're face-to-face right now. And on top of that, what you were able to do, after all this time, it caught me off guard.” K released L's hands and wrapped her in a tight hug. Their hug lasted long enough for them to communicate exactly how much they missed each other and how much it meant to them that they could share this moment. Releasing from their embrace, they walked back into the ballroom and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

L poured her morning coffee and leaned against the kitchen counter as she took her first sip. She stared intently at her phone sitting on the kitchen table in front of her. L took another sip, continuing to stare at the phone. 'It's 9am, there's no way he's going to text me this early' L thought. She walked past her silent phone towards the living room and sat cross-legged on the couch. L opened her laptop to distract herself with some early morning online shopping as she finished up her coffee. She lifted her laptop to place it on the coffee table in order to replenish her cup. Just as she placed the laptop down, a Signal notification popped up on her computer. L's heart jumped into her throat as she picked the laptop back up and sat down on the couch. K's message read, 'Hey, sorry for texting you so early. Couldn't wait to ask you out for a drink.' L smiled as she replied, 'I'd love to grab a drink.' They set their date for later that night. Before L knew it, she was getting ready for her date. L slipped into a pair of snug jeans with a red top and grabbed her purse before hopping into her Lyft.

L walked into the bar and saw K sitting at a small table nestled in the corner. He wore black jeans and a navy blue long-sleeve shirt. She gave him a hug and sat across from him. Their conversation picked up from where they left off the night before. L stuck to her tequila while K sipped his gin and tonic. The night progressed and the conversation shifted to the moment in the storage closet at the gala. “It's like you read my mind. Your fingers were all I could think about, and then suddenly you're knuckle deep,” L said, giggling. K smiled, “I didn't have to read your mind. When we were sitting there, you kept glancing down at my hands. I even moved them around to make sure.” L blushed, “Wow. I'm that predictable, huh.” She downed the last bit of her drink and waved at their server for another. “I wouldn't say you're predictable. I just know what you like and what you want.” K looked L in her eyes. She felt her stomach flutter and was aware that K knew exactly what she wanted next. After finishing their next round of drinks, K paid the bill and they stood up to leave. L took her phone out of her pocket to check the time. As they left the bar, L looped her arm through K's as they walked quietly down the street. “You know, you're not the only one who can read minds,” L said. L peered up at K who had a quizzical look on his face. Without breaking stride, L reached into her purse and pulled out a thin, black leather collar with a golden buckle. “I noticed you rubbing and scratching your neck last night as well as tonight.” L saw K's eyes soften and his face became flush as they continued walking. She felt him squeeze her arm. His silence gave her all the information she needed. Rounding the block, L pointed out a dive bar, “we're going there next. It's one of my haunts.” L and K walked in and headed towards the bar. As K pulled out a bar stool to take a seat, L seized his arm and dragged him to an 'employees only' hallway behind the bar. K gave a startled look at the bartender who only returned a knowing smile and a wink. Near the end of the small hallway, L swung open a red door and pushed K inside before shutting it behind them. The room was small and furnished with only a plush couch and coffee table. The only light was a single dim, red light bulb overhead. K spun around to face L. She looked up at him and wrapped her fingers around his throat. She watched K's eyes light up and she brought his face down to kiss him. L felt K's hands begin sliding over her hips and she immediately slapped them away with her free hand and gently squeezed K's throat. “Don't touch me until you're wearing your uniform,” L whispered, her mouth pressed to his ear. L released K's throat and handed him the collar. K hastily secured the buckle and stood timidly in front of her. L peered down at K's pants and noticed a prominent bulge. She slowly undid his pants and removed his underwear, revealing his throbbing, twitching penis. L got down on her knees and peered up at K. “You're mine now,” L whispered, her words cutting through the muted bustle of the bar outside. K bit his lip and nodded, his hands at his sides. L leaned forward with her mouth open, but before making contact with the tip of K's desperate penis, she pulled back and stood up. K's involuntary whimper produced a sly grin on L's face as she walked past K and sat on the couch. L propped her feet up against the coffee table with her legs spread. K stood and stared at L's open invitation, but hesitated. L smiled, “You remember now, don't you.” K nodded, this red cheeks matching the colour of the room. K removed his shirt and L kicked the coffee table further away from her, creating space for K who now stood in front of her. K turned his back to L, spread his legs, and bent over with this hands holding on to the table. L took in the sight of K's firm, round ass presented before her. She gave it a sharp slap, followed by a slow, relieving rub. She spread his cheeks to examine the shaved, little hole she'd grown accustomed to using. L slowly ran her finger over K's hole before twirled her tongue around the rim. Hearing K's soft moans, L undid her own pants and shimmied them off. She eyed K's balls handing in front of her and kissed them before working her lips and tongue over them and across his perineum. L fondled K's balls as she ran her tongue across them and towards his inviting hole. K's moans grew louder as she rimmed him, her hands expertly stimulating his testes. L felt the puddle forming between her legs and wanted nothing more than to be filled by K's yet untouched tumescent cock. “You've done well,” L said as K turned around to face her, his erect penis at her eye level. L stood up and stepped in close to K, the warmth of his member pressed against her lower stomach. K leaned down and kissed L deeply, his strong hands reaching around and squeezing L's ass. In a single, effortless motion K lifted L up off the ground, and before L had a moment to gather herself, she felt penetration. L gasped and wrapped her arms around K's neck as K thrust into her, suspended off the ground with her knees spread wide and high. L screamed into K's shoulder, biting down into his flesh with every deep, pulsating pump. K's deep, guttural moans echoed in L's ear as he held her up, filling her to the brim with every drive of his hips. Through shut eyes L felt K swivel and lower down onto the couch. She opened her eyes to look deep into his, the sweat on his face glimmering under the red light. L tangled her fingers in K's hair as she took over, riding K's cock, feeling every inch. K's moans grew louder as L worked her hips faster, every bit of him bringing her closer to Nirvana. L felt K's breath quicken, his moans became louder as his hands ran across L's body. K's nails dragged drown L's back as he came, erupting inside her, his body shuddering with aftershocks. L felt him pump and his grip on her body tighten. The heat from the scratches down her back added to the rushing current of pleasure flowing through her. L kissed K deeply before lifting herself off his lap. She immediately stood up on the couch and shoved his face between her legs. K ravenously sucked and licked L's pussy, thrumming her clit and working his lips over her labia. L felt the dam burst and her body spasmed as the wave of ecstasy crashed over her, washing her entire body in pleasure. L lowered herself back down onto the couch, straddling K and kissing him until they both recovered.

L looked over at K as they picked their clothes off the floor. “It's like we picked up where we left off,” L said as she fastened the button on her jeans. K looked over to L, shaking his hair back into place after putting his shirt back on. “We know what we like,” K responded, grabbing L's hand as they left the red room. “By the way, you're still wearing your uniform,” L whispered as they left the bar. “I guess that means I'm still on the clock,” K responded, kissing L on the head as they walked into the night.