L and K share a morning of heated passion. #erotica #sex #romantic #NSFW

K took a deep breath. Awash in post-orgasmic bliss, he caressed the long, slender leg draped over his body. L's smooth skin glistened as K traced his fingers along her muscles. He felt her lips softly kiss his shoulder, her soft breasts pressed against him as he lay on his back, his arm wrapped around her. K took a deep breath and gently lifted L's leg off his body as he sat up. L groaned, “Can't you just stay in bed for a little longer. I'll go down on you if you stay.” K smiled at L, “As tempting as that offer is, I'm already late for work.” K shuffled around the room, searching through the clothes scattered across the bedroom floor. “Well, I'm just going to lay here and stare then,” L said, smirking. K looked over at L. She was laying on her stomach with her arms crossed, resting her head. Her strong back curved effortlessly to her luscious hips and round behind. L's hair was a full mess of black curls and her eyes were a deep hazel. K could feel his blood rush again, and he knew L could tell. With a roll of the eyes, K walked over to a beaming L, who let out a yip as he effortlessly spun her around. L's body drove him crazy. K knelt as he lifted L's hips up towards himself. He spread L open and buried his face between her cheeks. K generously worked his tongue across L's hole, twirling the tip around her rim and reaching lower to caress her vulva. L moaned and heaved as K paid tribute to her body. He slid two fingers deep inside L's wet pussy and pressured her pleasure points as he continued working his tongue on her hole. L squirted as her orgasm crested, every inch of her body doused in ecstasy.
K slowly pulled away as he watched L drip. “Fuck, I can't help myself,” K mumbled as he struggled to pull his eyes away from L's presented cheeks. “I know your weakness, baby. Now hurry up, you're running late,” L said, smiling up at him. K playfully glared at her as he scooped up his clothes and walked to the bathroom across the hall.

Still soaked from K's vigorous work, L watched K bend down and pick pieces of clothing up off the floor. She knew his every button, his every tell. She knew that if she laid on her stomach and lifted her hips just so, K's eyes would fixate on her ass and he'd be powerless. She knew he needed only the faintest of triggers. L stared at K's round ass and strong thighs and sighed as she took in his thick, wavy black hair. She watched as he left the room, his penis peeking out between strides. L took one last stretch before extricating herself from the bed sheets. She pawed through a pile of clean clothes sitting on a chair in the corner of the room and threw on one of K's t-shirts and a pair of his boxers. L heard the shower turn on as she walked out of the bedroom towards the kitchen. L opened up the fridge and pulled out leftover Nandos from the night before. She put the leftovers on a plate and in the microwave set for one minute. As L stood waiting for the food to heat, she thought she could hear the faint sound of humming under the whir of the microwave. The humming grew louder as L tiptoed towards the source. By the time L had reached the bathroom, she was naked, her boxers and t-shirt strewn along her path from the kitchen. L silently eased the door open and peeked inside. She heard K's humming echo as he stood beneath the shower head. She fixated on K's slightly fuzzy silhouette through the glass shower door. K had his head back and was running his hands through his hair. His fingers worked his scalp and his slightly arched back presented his lean muscle for L to take in. She entered the bathroom and joined K in the shower.

K stood under the shower and hummed a tune he had stuck in his head. He felt his muscles relax as the hot water streamed down his body. Suddenly, he felt two hands on his chest. He recognized the feeling of L's breasts pressed against his back and her lips against his skin. K felt her kiss his shoulders and neck while her hands rubbed his chest. She pinched his nipples and bit into his neck and K's breath caught. He turned to face L and kissed her deeply. K swelled as he tightly held her. L's nails ran down his back and he growled, pleasure and lust building within him. K grabbed L's arms and pinned them above her head as he pushed her against the shower wall. He kissed L aggressively as she struggled against his grip, biting K's lip harder with every thrash. K kept L pinned as he moved his mouth down her neck, kissing every inch on his descent. He wrapped his lips around her dark, erect nipple, flicking with his tongue as he sucked. K bit and pulled L's nipple, listening to her breath quicken, releasing his grip the moment her breath caught. After every pull K returned to caress L's areolas with his tongue, soothing them before the next pinch. K lusted for L's lips and hungrily met them with his own. He released L from his vice-like hold, and she clawed at K's chest and back, her hands seeking vengeance.

L was overcome with ecstasy, her arms finally freed from K's grip. She kissed K and dug her nails deep into his skin, desperate to bring him in closer. She felt his cock throbbing against her lower stomach. L reached down and eagerly slid K's cock inside her. She gasped as she felt him fill her up, pleasure radiating up through her entire body. L loved watching and feeling him grow with arousal. K's cock grew long and thick, perfectly shaped to hit every one of her pleasure points. L dug her teeth into K's shoulder as he thrust deep inside her, relentlessly pumping. Wave after wave of lust and desire washed over L and she screamed uncontrollably. K turned L around and continued pounding her from behind, reaching his right hand around to rub her clit as he did. The steam from the shower enveloped them, there bodies as lost as their minds. As L came her legs shook and her knees buckled. K continued thrusting deeper and harder, and all L could do was let out mumbled cusses and guttural moans. The sound of K slapping L's ass echoed and punctuated every noise L could muster. L came again, and again, each orgasm building on the one before. At last, K's thrusts slowed. He slid his thick cock out of L's aching pussy and watched L lean back, begging for more. L turned around and passionately kissed K, tightly holding him for balance. L and K tenderly kissed under the steaming shower and let their passion wash over them like the water. After finally climbing down from the summit, L and K stepped out of the shower and dried their pruning bodies. “Something smells good. What is it?” K asked, his nose pointed up, sniffing. “Let's call it second breakfast,” L replied, already tapping K buttons and beginning the rush of blood once more.