Stories come to life when L meets a man with the same name as her favourite author. #erotica #sex #romantic #NSFW

L slipped her hand between her legs, biting her lip, her eyes glued to her computer monitor. She sat in complete darkness as she rubbed her clit, sliding down in her chair with every pulsating sensation. Her breath quickened and her fingers moved more furiously as she felt herself cresting. With a gasp and a twitch, L threw her head back as she came, her legs splayed. After a moment, L gathered herself and sat back up in her chair, wiping a bead of sweat from her brow. She was introduced to good erotica only six months ago by a friend, and was now neck deep in stories. L even curated a public list of stories and authors. Her curation soon became so renowned she had followers from around the world who were eager to hear about her next recommendation. As L moved her mouse to close the story she'd just experienced, her eyes lingered on the author's sign-off, “Forever yours, K.” L had discovered K's work almost by accident a few months back and had since devoured every piece they'd ever written. K's pieces were relatively short, but they seemed to touch something deep within her every time. They posted erratically, sometimes months passing between stories. However, every piece made L weak in the knees and aching for what she'd just read. L awoke the next day to the sound of birds chirping, the sun beamed in through her window. After starting the coffee maker and brushing her teeth, L made her way back to her computer to add K's latest masterpiece to her recommendations list. L posted the link to the story and typed, “This is yet another perfect example of K's brilliance. I became lost in their words as they took control and left me in a puddle before I could blink an eye. As with all their work, it was well worth the wait.” L took her usual weekend walk that afternoon to the nearby coffee shop. She loved settling herself into a corner with a cup of quality coffee and a book. L walked in and placed an order for a coffee and bagel with cream cheese. After paying, she turned around to see her usual spot had been taken. Though this was not out of the ordinary, L couldn't help but stare at the person occupying it. The occupant was a man, his eyes focused on a book with a cappuccino to one side. He had long black hair tied up in a messy bun and a full, trimmed beard. L was jolted back to reality when she heard her name called for her completed order. Picking up her coffee and bagel, L decided she was going to make a move on the man in the corner. L walked up to him and said, “Do you mind if I sit with you?” L smiled down at him as he looked up at her. “Sure. I hope you don't mind, I'm just finishing up this chapter,” the man said as he smiled back at L and went back to reading his book. Up close L regarded her table mate. His deep-set hazelnut eyes drew her in as much as his big lips and brown skin. “No worries,” L replied as she sat herself down and took out her own book. L had no intention of reading. She had her eyes set on the prize sitting across from her and she was going to seize it. L wore her black cropped hoodie and tight blue jeans. Her toned midriff was on display and short brown hair framed her round face and big, brown eyes. L put her book down a half-second after the man across from her did. L reached her hand out, “I'm L, nice to meet you.” The man gently shook her hand, “Nice to meet you, I'm K.” L's eyes widened and she held her breath for a moment. Her mind became flooded with her favorite scenes written by her favorite author. L snapped herself out of it and returned to the present where a handsome man was smiling back at her, unaware of the journey his name just took her. “What are you reading?” L asked, gracefully recovering from her unexpected lapse. “Just a book from this fantasy series I'm into,” K responded as he took a sip from his drink, “what are you reading?” “Oh, just some silly romance novel. I like to read them in between heavier reads,” L replied. “That's a really good idea. I think I'll start doing that too,” K said, his eyes meeting L's. L began to feel a tingle deep inside her. She stopped her mind from merging the K in front of her with the one who made her tremble with just a few keystrokes. There were two K's in her life now, and she had to keep it that way. L and K sat in the coffee shop and talked for hours. After polishing off her third cup of coffee, L realized how much time had passed. “Oh god, it's been three hours!” She said as she unlocked her phone and realized she'd missed multiple texts and emails over that time. “Wow, time flies. I should probably head out, but if you're free tonight would you like to grab dinner?” K said. L beamed, “I would love dinner.” After exchanging numbers, the two of the them departed. L was practically skipping on her way back to her apartment. It was almost 4pm and she'd made plans with K for dinner at 8pm. Her attempts to get chores done around the house were for naught, as she was uncontrollably giddy and excited to see K again. L sat at her computer to interact with some of her fans and see their responses to her recommendation. It was no surprise that all the feedback was positive. L began digging through her closet for her best date outfit. She settled on simple romper and heels. As she slipped on her underwear, she stopped halfway up her leg. She knew what she wanted and was determined to get it. She slipped the underwear off and put it, along with her bra, back in her dresser. L walked up to the restaurant and saw K standing there in a slim pair of black jeans and button-up with clean white sneakers. L saw K's eyes swiftly glance down at her green romper, a hint of her nipples faintly showing. The two of them hugged and were seated almost immediately. L and K picked up where they had left off, and instead of cups of coffee they drank glasses of wine. A few glasses in, L began feeling flush and her eyes and desires were locked on K. She could see the same in K's eyes as the two of them finished off desert. “I have some more wine back at mine,” K said as he finished paying for dinner. “I'd love some wine,” L replied. L had her hand arm wrapped around K's as they waited for their Lyft on the curb outside the restaurant. When the car pulled up, L slid in first followed by K. Just as K closed the car door and turned to face L, she slid across the middle seat and locked her lips with his. L felt K's big, strong hand wrap around the small of her black, and she spun and straddled him. L began grinding on K's lap as she lost all sense of time, her sensations overwhelmed her. K suddenly pulled away from her and L was stunned and hazy before realizing that they'd made it to K's apartment. The two of them sheepishly thanked the driver as they hurried into the elevator of K's building. Just as the doors closed L immediately jumped K and they continued where they'd left off. K's hands pulled L in close and squeezed her ass, hungering for more. At the sound of the elevator doors opening, K grabbed L by her hand and quickly made it through his front door. L threw herself at K and pinned him to the wall. He was over six feet tall and she was almost 5'5, but driven by her desire, she could overpower anyone. K gladly gave in, and while L was lost in his lips, she felt her romper drop to her ankles. L immediately began tearing open K's shirt as K undid his belt and shimmied his pants off. Freed of their clothes, K scooped L up and carried her to his bed. K climbed on top of L and cupped his hands around her breasts and locked his lips around her nipple. His tongue flicked and swirled while he sucked, and upon release he pulled gently with his teeth. L gasped and immediately flipped K around to get on top. She pulled his briefs down as she kissed his stomach, and as when she laid eyes his cock, her mouth watered. L slowly licked from the base to the tip, watching him swell and twitch. As L took K fully in her mouth, his girth and length drove her further. L swirled her tongue around his tip and heard him moan and thrust, his fingers running through her hair. L finally released K and smiled up at him as he took her head in his hands and brought her to his mouth, kissing her passionately, his throbbing cock pressed against the dampness between her legs. L only heard the tear of a condom wrapper before K had rolled it on and she was sliding slowly down on his long, thick cock. L's breath caught and she couldn't stop from letting out a deep, uncontrolled moan as she felt him fill her up. L rocked her hips as K's fingers rubbed her clit. Pleasure washed over her with every inch she moved, K's fingers on her clit amplifying every sensation. K pulled L down close and raised his knees and began thrusting faster. L bit into K's shoulder and screamed as he pounded her deeper, orgasmic sensations enveloping her every cell, waves crashing one on top of the other. She felt K's breath catching, and with a final thrust K exploded inside her, his arms wrapped tightly around her, squeezing as he came. The two of them remained entwined for a moment before K slowly slid himself out of L. After an extended kiss K made his way to the bathroom. L lay on K's bed, breathlessly replaying the night over and over in her mind. She ogled K as he returned with water, his slim, naked body gleaming with sweat. L nestled into K's shoulder as they lay on the bed. “That's how I imagine the women in your stories feel,” L said, lost in her thoughts. “My stories?” K said, confused. L stuttered, “Oh, shit. Ok, So, um, I read a lot of erotica and one of my favourite authors uses your name as a pen name. I'm sorry, that's rude of me to conflate you with them.” K squeezed L's shoulder and kissed her on the head, “No need to apologize. Actually, do you have some of these stories on you?” L started as she sat up and stared at K, a smile spread ear-to-ear. “I'll get my phone!” she said as she leaped off the bed, running naked into the hallway where her purse sat on the floor. L grabbed her phone and jumped back into the bed, snuggling with K as they began reading one of L's favourites. As they read through the story, L's left hand was stroking K's cock and K's right hand gently rubbed her clit. Between gasps, L read aloud and listened to K's moans and deep breaths. They were both too tired to go another round and decided instead to fall asleep, K's body wrapped around L's.

L awoke early the next morning. She rolled over and saw K asleep facing away from her. L sidled up behind him and reached over to wrap her fingers around K's morning wood. She stroked K's cock and listened to his moans as he woke up. K spun and kissed L, his throbbing cock pressed again her body. “I dreamt of those stories,” K whispered, “And I'm going to make them your reality.” With a quick kiss K disappeared under the covers. Before L could get a word out she felt a gentle touch between her legs and gasped. She watched K's covered head slowly moving as she felt him go to work pleasuring her. She felt his tongue thrum her clit, twirling, flicking, sucking. K pinned her legs open with his arms as he took long, slow licks from the bottom to the top of her vulva, finishing with a flourish on her clit. L felt herself lose control and release guttural moans and screams, squirming with every wave of ecstasy radiating through her body. As L crested, she felt two fingers slide deep inside her. Her breath caught and her back arched as K vigorously stimulated her pleasure points, his tongue still thrumming her clit. L screamed and thrashed, feeling herself gush as she came, her body seizing, her mind empty. K gingerly released L and slid up along her body, his face coming out from under the covers to meet hers. L wrapped her legs around K as they kissed, the orgasmic aftershocks coursing through her. K slid off the bed and said, “I'm going to go make some coffee. When I get back, we're gonna turn some more stories into memories.” L bit her lip and nodded. At that moment it happened. There was only one K now, and she was staring at his naked body.