The Date

They obey your every command and with that power, you extract every bit of pleasure from your obedient date. #sex #erotica #romantic #dom #sub #NSFW

You gasp, tighten your thighs, clench your fist. You open your eyes and look down. You’re sitting on the couch with your legs spread, your clenched fingers pull the jet-black hair away from the fountain. His brown eyes look up at you, eagerly waiting for your approval. You nod and release him, grabbing a small blanket from beside you and your full glass of red wine. Your date gets up off the ground and you see their long, thick cock twitch. You bite your lip as you see their dark skin glisten with sweat, accentuating his rippling muscles, knowing they really worked up a sweat to please you. You appreciate hard work. They sit beside you on the couch and tilt over, laying their head in your lap. You play with his hair while you watch a sitcom on TV and sip your wine. An episode or two later the urge returns, but it’s for something different. You reach under the blanket and start stroking his cock, feeling it grow in your hand with every stroke. Your date moans and breathes deeply as you feel his cock begin throbbing. You let go and walk to your bedroom without saying a word. Your date looks up from the couch and follows. You enter your bedroom and look out the door, watching your naked, pounding toy approach. “Bend over,” you tell him as he approaches. He bends over like the obedient little date he is. With his smooth, round, ass high in the air you walk behind him and slap it, following it with a gentle rub. After a minute you spread his cheeks and take a good look at your toy. You lick your lips as you gaze upon his tight little shaved hole. You bend down and begin rimming his ass, every lick prompting gasps from your cute little date. You begin licking and flicking faster, reaching around and stroking his cock until he’s moaning louder and louder, begging you to go further. You feel him close to exploding in your hand and you stop everything, releasing your hold on him. With a smirk you tell him to lay on his back. Your chiseled blushing date quickly and obediently obliges. You instruct him to lift his legs up and hold his knees up. As they wait with their feet up in the air and knees by their chest, you reach under your bed for lube and a large, bulbous butt plug. You pour lube generously over his hole and massage around it with your fingers before slowly sliding your finger inside. After a minute of warming up your date’s tight little hole, you slowly ease the butt plug in. You watch as his hole spreads wide, eagerly accepting the metal plug. After hungrily swallowing the plug, you give the exposed base a little tap and look up at your date, his eyes rolling back in his head. You take in the sight of his glistening body and throbbing cock. You climb up onto the bed and sit right on his face and allow him to ravage your clit, licking and sucking with the intensity of someone overcome with pleasure. At the same time, you take his entire large cock in your mouth, working your tongue around his tip. You masterfully work his cock to enhance the pleasure coming from the plug inside him. After you’ve cum twice, you get up and swivel a full 180 degrees and slide his large, thick cock right into your soaking, aching pussy. He instantly hits your points of pleasure and you let out a scream as he thrusts deep inside you, moaning and yelling as the plug pushes him harder than he’s ever been pushed before. You dig your nails into his chest as the orgasmic energy emanates from between your legs and through your body. Waves of pleasure crash over you as you bury your face into his shoulder, biting into it as he fucks you faster, refusing to stop even as you scream and bite harder. Your legs begin shaking and your breath catches, mouth agape as you cum, the warmth between your legs gushing as he pounds you faster. You feel him start to grip you tighter before he screams out and explodes inside you and you collapse on his chest. You lay there on top of him motionless for an everlasting moment, before rolling to the side. You grab a full bottle of water from the nightstand and finish it as your date gets up from the bed and leaves the room. As you place the bottle back down and he enters the room, you take in the sight of this beautiful man with a great swinging cock framed neatly between muscular thighs carrying two glasses of wine. “Good boy,” you say with a smile as you take one of the glasses from him. Your date blushes and joins you on the bed. Before he can get comfortable you reach over and take his glass of wine from him and place it next to the empty bottle of water on the nightstand. “I’m not quite done with you,” you say as you pinch his sensitive little nipples. Your date lets out a little moan as you climb back on to his thighs and they acquiesce to your dominance as you stare down at their abs and limp cock. With a glass of wine in one hand you use the other to play with and stroke his cock. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be done with you,” you whisper as you feel his cock stiffen in your hand and the fountain between your legs begins gushing. You know this night will turn into tomorrow morning before you are even close to finishing playing with your toys.