The Weekend

K and L enjoy a weekend of pleasure, ensuring they satisfy their every desire. #erotica #sex #romantic #NSFW


L knocked on K's door. She hated the two flights of stairs she had to climb every time she visited him. She'd had a long day at work and her heels already transitioned from discomfort to pain. She'd been in court all day so she was in a black pencil skirt and matching blazer. L shrugged her shoulders uncomfortably and undid another button on her blouse as she waited for what felt like an eternity for K to open the door. Finally, the door opened and a smiling K appeared to greet her. “I'm so sorry, I was just moving dinner into the oven,” he said as he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek as she walked into the apartment. L grumbled as she kicked off her heels and threw off her blazer. She walked past K and collapsed on to the couch. “Today sucked. I need alcohol,” L complained. On cue K appeared with a glass of tequila, “I got you covered.” Sitting herself up, L grabbed the glass and took her first sip. “Fuck me that's good,” L said, throwing her head back, feeling the tension in her body finally begin to dissipate. “Get your ass over here and help me out of this,” L yelled to K in the kitchen. K finished mixing some sauce in a bowl and walked back over to L who was standing up and stretching her arms up and out. In the middle of her stretch K grabbed L by her hips and spun her around to find the zipper of her skirt. He unzipped the skirt and pulled it to the floor, exposing L's plump butt. Unable to resist the sight, K gave L's cheeks a squeeze and a light slap. He loved how L wore her favorite red g-string on important court days. L gave a little yip at the slap and turned around as K was already on his way back to the kitchen. Finally free from the skirt, L continued sipping her tequila on the couch. She'd now taken off her blouse and bra and sat spread-eagle in-front of the TV watching the news. The smell of roasted chicken began to fill the apartment and L's mouth began to water. K was an excellent cook and she looked forward to Fridays at his apartment for as long as they'd been together. Like a cartoon character, L drifted towards the kitchen led by her nose. K was standing over the stove and L came up from behind and wrapped her arms around his waist. K had Friday's off so he normally spent the day at home getting various chores done. For L, this meant she got to see him in sweats, and she was a sucker for a man in sweats. Taking in the smells of dinner she slipped her hands down K's pants and began fondling K's crotch. L loved rolling his balls in her fingers, his penis limp and full of potential. After turning off the stove K swiveled around, took L by the waist and locked his lips with hers. “I'm about to throw this in the oven for thirty minutes, so why don't you wait for me in the bedroom,” K whispered in L's ear after releasing her. With a bite of her lip and a nod, L obediently sauntered over to the bedroom, already feeling damp between her legs. L removed her g-string and sat at the foot of the bed. A moment later K walked the through bedroom door. L regarded him as his long, wavy black hair flopped over his face when he removed his shirt. He had hair on his chest that accentuated his pecs flat stomach. When K shook his head to reset his locks L lunged, continuing where they left off in the kitchen. As they kissed she felt his potential swell against her body. She reached around his waistband and began to pull K's sweats down. K grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms away from him. He looked down at L and growled, “Not yet hun.” Before L knew it K had scooped her up in his arms and threw her onto the bed. K had both his arms wrapped around her legs and dragged her to the edge of the bed where he knelt. In an instant he spread her legs and had his lips locked around her pussy. L moaned as K worked his tongue around her labia and teased her clit. Never releasing suction he continued working his tongue into patterns he knew L loved. He thrummed her clit and released, then thrummed again, over and over, building upon waves of pleasure consuming L. L began to spasm as she rose to orgasm and K gripped her legs tighter and thrummed faster and harder until L exploded in a scream. She grabbed K by his long, luscious hair and brought him up to her mouth and kissed him deeply, lost in post-orgasm bliss. L lay back onto the bed as K walked back to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. The incredible aromas of a home cooked dinner filled the apartment. At K's call L got up off the bed, threw on an old t-shirt and walked to the kitchen where K had laid out dinner. After dinner, and with another glass of tequila, L and K retired to the couch to watch whatever terrible movie they could find on Netflix. The movie that night was an extremely ridiculous 80's movie and they laughed and joked about every scene as they snuggled under a blanket. Eventually, as was the case with many of the movies K and L would watch on their Friday nights, there was an extremely over-the-top sex scene. In this scene the male protagonist was aggressively humping his female co-star in the back of a car. The cheesy music and excessive wails got a good chuckle out of both K and L. However, L used that opportunity to take something she had been denied earlier that night. As the stripper-turned-vampire slayer began riding the stockbroker-turned-karate master, L slipped her head beneath the covers. Before K could get a word out she slid his sweats down below his waist and wrapped her lips around his cock. L could hear K's breath catch as she worked her mouth. She felt him grow in her mouth as she took him deeper. With the cover still over her, she felt K's hand guide her head up and down on his throbbing cock, his moans cutting through the performative screeching of the actors. K's cock grew bigger and L moaned as it filled her mouth. As she twirled her tongue around his tip and sucked him more vigorously, she heard the growls that always proceeded an eruption. And as if on cue, K roared as he pushed L's head down hard on his cock and thrust in her throat and exploded, pumping uncontrollably. Never unlocking her lips, L waited until her man was finished before finally releasing him and appearing from beneath the covers. K immediately grabbed L by the head and kissed her, as deeply as he ever had. “That was a thank you for such a lovely dinner,” L whispered. “It is my eternal pleasure,” K whispered back. The two lovers were lost in each other's lips as they kissed and cuddled, the sounds of an 80's cheese-ball film fading into the background.


K awoke the next morning to the sound of his alarm. He quickly reached over and turned it off as to not wake L. K gingerly got out of bed and walked to the kitchen. He'd learned that the way to this woman's heart was through her stomach. After throwing some bacon on the pan and starting up the coffee maker, he went and washed up. As K was about finished making the scrambled eggs, he heard the distinct moan of his love waking up nose first. K hurriedly plated the eggs, coffee, and bacon on a tray and whisked it over to meet L as she sat up in bed. Placing the tray beside her, he leaned in and gave her a tender kiss. “Morning beautiful,” K said, trying to mimic the cliche voice of the protagonist from the movie they'd partially watched the night before. “You're the best,” L giggled as she pulled the tray over and began digging into her breakfast. K brought over his bowl of cereal and sat with L as they had breakfast in bed for the first time in ages. K finished first and hopped into the shower. K's showers were normally warm and short. However, since he'd started growing his hair out, his showers were now longer. K had his head back and his eyes closed as he ran his hands through this hair. Standing there he heard the shower curtain move and felt two hand tracing paths up and down his back. Opening his eyes, K turned around to face L. Her breasts were supple and her dark nipples erect as she reached around K to turn-up the heat of the water. “You're going to fuck me right here, right now,” L said, glaring up at K. K smiled, “you're going to have to earn it.” Obediently, L dropped to her knees and took K into her mouth. She ravaged his cock, working as hard as she could. All she could imagine was his thick cock filling her up, throbbing and pounding as she lost control. K placed one foot on the edge of the tub and L immediately got behind him. L spread K's cheeks and began circling his asshole with her tongue while reaching around to stroke his growing, tumescent penis. She could hear his moans as she licked and penetrated his hole masterfully. K grabbed L by her hair and lifted her to her feet. Holding her face mere centimeters from his, K whispered, “good girl.” In an instant K had turned off the shower and was standing in the bathroom as L dried him off before drying herself. K snatched the towel from L, threw it to the side, grabbed her by her hair, and forcefully bent her over the bathroom counter. Pulling her hair back, K thrust his throbbing cock into L's soaking pussy. L's moans echoed and filled the bathroom as K relentlessly pounded her. K felt his cock slide effortlessly and L tightened around him with each pump. Her wails drove him to get deeper inside, slapping her ass raw to get the screams he desired. “Fuck me harder, harder!” L screamed, grabbing the edge of the counter as K hit deep inside her. K felt himself swell and crest and in an instant he exploded inside L, keeping himself inside her until he'd finished. After slowly sliding himself out of her, K gently released L and swiftly spun her around and lifted her up onto the counter. “You earned it,” he told L before kissing her. K got down on his knees and worked his tongue on L's pussy, cleaning and teasing her. K's tongue gently caressed L's clit, tracing figure 8s and reaching in and getting deeper with his tongue. “Make me cum,” L pleaded, running her hands through his hair as he worked his magic. K stood up and kissed L. As their passion took them over, he slid two slender fingers inside L's aching vagina. L bit into K's shoulder and screamed in ecstasy as K vigorously fingered her. K masterfully stimulated L's pleasure points and L's legs began shaking uncontrollably. Shuddering, L squirted and her breath caught, matching the orgasmic waves washing over her. She released her teeth from K's shoulder as she reeled from her orgasm. Feeling the deep teeth marks in his shoulder K helped L down from the counter and carried her to the bedroom. Laying L down on her stomach, K spread L's cheeks enough to give himself enough room to gingerly lick her exposed hole. L unconsciously raised her hips and K dug in deeper, finding a rhythm of penetration and tender swirls. All the while, K's right hand was wrapped around L's waist rubbing her clit, and his left stroked his fully erect penis. L's pussy dripped as K continued pleasuring her, her moans now deep and throaty, feeling the culmination of multiple orgasms in a single morning. L turned over and watched K stroke himself. Bringing her face close to K's cock, L looked up at K and said, “You got to taste earlier, it's my turn now.” Watching K's breathing get heavier, L wrapped her lips around K's thick cock and vigorously sucked and stroked. With a breathy release and thrust, K emptied in L's mouth, then stroked L's hair. She swallowed and met K's lips for a final kiss. “Let's grab brunch before I start craving your cock again,” L said, as she made her way back to bathroom. K called out after her, “I literally can't stop thinking about you smothering me with your perfect ass.” L spun around and winked before closing the bathroom door.


K rummaged beneath the bathroom sink, mumbling to himself. “I can't find it,” he yelled to L in the bedroom. L yelled back to him, “It's there, just look harder.” A minute later K found and retrieved what he'd been looking for. “Found it! Hopping in the shower now,” K informed L as he stripped off his clothes. L looked at the tools spread before her on the bed. K had been begging L to peg him for weeks. L loved pegging him, but between forgetting to buy lube, a broken harness, and a crazy work schedule, they'd never found the chance. However, while L wasn't able to really get to dominate K with her hips, she prepared him with large dildos and plugs she'd bought ages ago. Her mouth watered in anticipation. K walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. The second he laid his eyes on L his jaw dropped. L stood before him in the red body suit she knew he loved, with a footlong purple dildo in one hand and a collar in the other. He loved the way the red contrasted her dark skin and accentuated he curves. “Get on your knees,” L ordered. K dropped immediately to his knees. L walked slowly over to him and bent down to attach the collar. L grabbed the thin leather leash off the bed and hooked it on. She brought her face within a centimeter of K's and whispered, “You're mine. Now get up and take off that fucking towel.” Nodding, K undid the towel and looked up at L. His mouth began to water as L pulled him to his feet with his leash. L pointed at the bed with the enormous dildo and said, “Present for me.” Obediently, K get onto the bed on all fours and buried his face into a pillow as he pushed his bum as high up as he could and reached back to spread his cheeks. K felt L's warm hands trace up from his balls, over his perineum, and across his hole. “Are you grateful I told you where to find the douche under the sink?” L said firmly. K muffled out a 'yes' before feeling cool lube drip down this skin and L's hands rubbing and massaging his ass. K yelped as L stung him with a slap on his ass, then moaned as she slid a finger inside his eager asshole. L slid another finger in, then another, accompanying every insertion with a stinging slap. With four fingers comfortably inside her plaything, L began to slowly massage K from the inside. She pulled the collar back to release K's face from the pillows so she could hear his desperate moans and see his eyes roll back with every press. L continued fingering K harder and more vigorously before his wails echoed throughout the apartment. Remembering her primary objective, L removed her hand from K's asshole and watched it wink greedily. “Get on your back you pathetic slut. Hold your knees up and wait for me,” L barked at K, who did as he was ordered without a moment's hesitation. L took her time buckling up her new harness and lubing up the long, girthy dildo. Eyeing her little boy toy, she slowly slid herself into his warm, hungry hole. L watched as K's eyes rolled back in his head again and he lost all composure. L began pumping deep inside K and watched his limp penis flop around and leak cum as he let out moans and groans of uncontrollable ecstasy. L grabbed K's balls and penis in a tight grip as she pumped his ass harder and faster. Every time K began loosening his grip on his knees L yanked on his collar or gripped his penis harder, and he would immediately correct his form. Before long K was laying flat on his stomach as L was violently pumping into K's ass, leaving hot red marks on his ass where she slapped. L pumped and pumped, thrusting all her stress into her little fucktoy. She fed off his helpless moans and incoherent begging. When L finally had her fill she unhooked K's leash, and slowly pulled herself out. She watched as K gaped and winked before turning him over onto his back. L looked down at K's cock. He had cum all over the bed and his stomach. She scowled at K, “Your tiny little cock made a fucking mess. As punishment, you're not taking that collar off for the rest of the day, and if I catch you trying to jerk off, you'll feel my wrath.” With a whimper and a nod, K got off the bed. Before he could make his way to the bathroom, L grabbed him and brought him down to her level and kissed him deeply. She released him and he scurried off. L giggled as she removed the harness and put away the lube and toys. She loved Sundays. The harder she dominated K on Sunday, the rougher he'd get with her on Monday, and the thought got her wet immediately.

The weekend was over, but the fun never ends.