Three's A Crowd

When K and M forget to include S in the fun, they go to great lengths to make amends. #erotica #sex #threesome #queer #NSFW

K bit into the pillow, muffled screams escaping through clenched teeth. The rhythmic smacks of skin echo through the room as M thrusts deep into K's ass. Her skin glistens with sweat as she pants and pounds, the ecstasy of K's hole wrapped around her throbbing cock pushes her forward. M slaps K's bright red ass and digs her nails in as she grabs his hips to angle herself to allow every inch of her long, thick cock to fill her little toy. She feels her cock throbbing and ready to explode, and with one last thrust and a scream she finishes inside him. After a moment she slowly eases herself out of K, watching him gape and wink as her cum leaks out. Taking a slender finger she traces a path over K's perineum, her cum allowing the tip of her finger to slide smoothly back to her prize, tracing the rim as it winks. M takes a step back as K rolls over, his brown skin flush and his chest heaving as his dark hair hangs over his face and sprawls out around his head. M eyes K's limp cock, its head wet with cum. She shuffles back over to K and straddles his chest, resting the tip of her tumescent cock on his lower lip. M smiles as she looks down at the exhausted boy. After craning his neck to gulp down some much needed water, K lays his head back and works his tongue gently around the tip of M's cock. “What a lucky boy you are,” S says, walking up behind M as she enters the bedroom. Still straddling K's chest, M takes the glass of wine S hands her. “He really does love to please, doesn't he,” S says, brushing K's hair out of his eyes, his lips wrapped around the tip of M's penis. “Well, I've finished making dinner if you two are ready to eat something other than each other,” S says as she get back off the bed and leaves the room. “Ha ha,” K and M say sarcastically as they both hop off the bed and make their way to the bathroom. K and M huddle together under the warm water pouring down from the rain shower, their cocks pressed gently together. Their lips come together and they feel each other begin to stiffen as they come together in a post-coital surge of passion. M pulls away, “S is going to kill us if we make her wait any longer.” “You're right,” K sighs, giving M one final peck before quickly finishing up in the shower. Both M and K join S at the table with towels wrapped around their heads, matching loose green tank tops and boxers. Wearing the same tank top, S smiles at them both and pours each a glass of water. “Hearing you two fuck as I got home from work was very hot,” S says, pointing her fork at M and K. M giggles, “Sorry we didn't wait for you. I can't even remember what set us off but that train left the station in a hurry and there was no stopping it.” Nearly spitting out his food as he burst out laughing, K blurts out, “All I did was fix the router!” “That's right!” M yells, slapping her knee as the memory bursts into her mind. “I was complaining about the internet being slow and you said you'd take a look. When I poked my head out of my room to look over at the router you were bent all the way over fiddling with something behind the table. Suddenly my phone starts going crazy with all these missed notifications and you stand back up with beads of sweat running down your temples yelling 'fixed it'. When you brushed your hair out of your eyes is when I kind of blacked out and just dragged you by your waistband into my room.” S laughs, “That's hilarious. I guess you are both excused for not waiting for me.” The three of them finish dinner and a glass or two more of wine and retire to the living room couch. S lay her head on K's lap and her legs across M. They had reruns of some trashy reality show on in the background as they continued their dinner conversations. Their house was unbearably hot during a record breaking heatwave and both S's and M's breasts were barely covered by the thin shoulder straps of the green novelty tank tops they all bought on a road trip years ago. As K rubbed S's stomach he saw how S's top stood no chance of containing her breasts. They were full and soft, her dark nipples contrasting her brown skin. He quickly gave her right nipple a pinch and watched as it stood erect. He looked down to see S looking up at him with a smirk, biting her lip. “I'm going to my room, I need that damn fan,” M proclaimed as she got off the couch and walked to her room, “I'll see you two in the morning.” S got up next, “M's right, I need some confined space A/C action right now. I don't know how she manages with just a fan.” K wishes S a good night and picks-up where he left off on a drama he'd been watching. Fifteen minutes later K hears mumbled cursing from M's room. Looking over the back of the couch he sees M angrily open her door and stomp straight into K's room. “My fan's not cutting it tonight so I'm sleeping in your room,” she says just as she closes the door to K's room behind her. “Sure, I guess,” K says to himself as he turns back around and continues watching his show. After the episode is done, K turns off the TV and heads to his room. Forgetting M had decided to use his room, he opens the door to find her sprawled across the entire bed. Not wanting to disturb her, K silently closes the door and makes his way to S's room. Quietly opening the door he peers inside to see S sitting up in bed typing away on her laptop. “Looks like you've been kicked out of your room, huh,” S says, peering over her laptop screen. “Looks like it. Mind if I sleep here?” he says as he walks into the room. S smiles, “of course you can. But only after you make it up to me for having all that fun without me.” K smiles back at S, “It would be my pleasure.” Knowing exactly what he has to do, K approaches the foot of the bed and climbs on directly in front of L. After placing her laptop on her nightstand S lifts her legs to remove her underwear, lowers them back down, and spreads them to either side. She then leans forward and grabs K by the hair and hastens his approach towards her, pulling him to her lips. The hum of the A/C drowns out their moans as they kiss, their bodies pressed together, sticky with sweat. K releases his lips and makes his way slowly down S's body, first at her neck, then down her shoulder to her breasts. Licking slow circles around the areola of her right breast, K pinches S's left nipple, earning a gasp. He then quickly wraps his lips around her right nipple and begins sucking and flicking with his tongue, all the while massaging and pinching her left nipple with his free hand. S's gasps turn to moans as K powers on, his now throbbing erect cock grinding against S's leg. Feeling herself getting swept away in the sensation, S clenches K's hair and vigorously pushes K's head between her legs and towards her now soaked pussy. Without skipping a beat K's lips lock around S's vulva and he continues his sucking and flicking. His tongue rhythmically strokes S's clit up and down then left to right, all the while maintaining suction with his mouth. With his arms he pins S's legs down to either side, feeling her fight against him as she squirms and thrashes with pleasure. Without warning K grabs behind S's knees and pushes them up towards her shoulders, exposing her puckered asshole. Resting S's hips on his own shoulders, K wraps his right arm around her leg to rub her clit while he circles and probes her hole with his quick tongue. S's moans turn to screams as she begins to convulse, waves of pleasure washing over her as K's mouth and hands masterfully work her over, giving S anything and everything she could ever desire. Slowly, K lowers S's hips back down onto the bed and with a few final kisses on the inside of her thighs lay a thin sheet over her and slid into bed next to her. “Fuck me, you've outdone yourself again,” S whispers breathlessly. “You deserved it,” K responds, wrapping his body around her. They both fall almost immediately asleep to the hum of the A/C, sweaty and satisfied.

S wakes up the next morning to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon. After a big stretch S follows her nose into the common area of the house and makes her way to the bathroom. Standing over the stove is K in a different sleeveless shirt and shorts, tending to some strips of bacon sizzling in the pan. M pours herself a cup of coffee and sits at the kitchen table. “We still have to pay S back for yesterday,” M tells K. “I paid her back last night,” K says looking over his shoulder at M. “Where was my invite!” M exclaims, her eyes wide in disbelief. “You were fast asleep in my room. I had to sleep with S and she wouldn’t let me unless I paid her back,” K explains. “Well I’m making you join me anyway. She’s been working her ass for the last couple of weeks and she deserves to be pampered,” M says. “I am absolutely in,” K replies, plating the bacon and eggs into three separate plates just as S leaves the bathroom and joins him and M at the table.

After finishing their Saturday morning routine of eating breakfast together all three go about their lives. S settles onto the couch and starts playing a game with headphones on as to not disturb the rest of the house. With S engrossed in her latest adventures in Red Dead Redemption, M and K sit in K’s room to plot the payment of M’s debt to S. With her large headphones on, S didn’t hear M approach from behind the couch and place her hands on her shoulders. After a momentary startle, S looks up at a smiling M before refocusing on her game. With M’s strong hands massaging her shoulders, S’s breathing slows and she feels the tension in her body release. Feeling her body begin to relax, S pauses the game and closes her eyes, embracing the calm energy pouring in through her shoulders from M’s fingers. Another pair of hands gently remove S’s headphones and as she opens her eyes she sees K’s face an inch from her own. Leaning in he locks his lips with hers, straddling her on the couch as M continues draining tension from S’s body with her hands. After what feels like and eternity both K and M stop what they’re doing and lead S silently to M’s bedroom. Easing S out of her clothes and their own, both M and K drop to their knees in front of and behind S respectively. Having demonstrated his prowess the night before, K allows M to work her magic on S’s pussy. With long, slow licks, M works her tongue from the back to the front of S’s labia, finishing with a flurry of flicks on her clit. K on the other hand spreads S’s cheeks and works his tongue on her hole, circling and inserting in rhythm with M. S’s breath catches and her knees begin to shake, her hands gripping M’s and K’s hair. Feeling S’s balance give, M stands up and in one swift motion lifts her off the ground. S wraps her legs around M’s waist and her arms around her neck as they passionately kiss. Carrying her to the bed, M gently lays S down and eases her throbbing penis inside S’s aching warmth. Breathlessly, S feels M’s thick cock slowly slide deeper inside her and her eyes roll back as M thrusts slow and deep, every inch filling her up. S’s breath catches as M continues pumping from her hips, her breath heavy in S's ear. S digs her nails into M’s back and bites into her shoulder as she tightens around her, the building orgasm finally releasing into ecstasy. After one final thrust M slowly slides out of S. “Now we’re even,” S says as she sips some water. “Unfortunately, I missed yesterday’s show. Why don’t you give me an encore.” Without a moment’s hesitation, K and M are entangled in each other's arms at the foot of the bed, fully erect. S had seen this show before, but it gets better with every watch.