Day off. And it’s all about me. That means hanging out at Facebook Groups, listening to the first day of Nadia Colburn’s latest writing challenge, and catching up with the workshop replays I’ve pinned to my phone’s Home Screen. I spent quite a bit of time scribbling in my notebook off and on this morning. Speaking of which, I found a few small notebooks/softcover journals that are perfect for dedicating to specific workshops, classes & challenges. I should start keeping records. Destroying my journals and Morning Page notebooks is a habit of thirty years now. I should keep a few dedicated books. Josie might be amused looking through them one day.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring – and it snowed! But it’s going to be 60 on Thursday so we’ll say that was winter’s last hurrah.

Speaking of Thursday, I’ll be donning my purple mask and heading for a look-see/buying expedition through Walmart.

We didn’t have stores like Walmart when I was growing up back in Manhattan. Macy’s is a full square block – that’s the largest a store can really get in the city. And that’s a lot of store.

We did eventually get a Kmart. A big event – no foolin’ It’s the smallest one in the country, but it does non-stop business.

When I went to visit my daughter in Falls River she took me to the local Walmart Superstore. I was blabberflasted. We walked for miles in there. The aisles were big enough for two lane car traffic.

When we all moved to the Cape together going to “Wally World” became routine. We needed so much for the house we rented, and it was all available at Wally’s for really fair prices. Remember, I’m from New Yawk ;) where price tags look like telephone numbers.

Amazing, I lived in Manhattan 50 years, the same NYC apartment house 30 years, and then in ten years time I moved seven times. North Jersey. Cape Cod. Cross Country to Idaho Falls where we all live now. And there was always a Wally World or two waiting for me. Oh, and Subways. Those sandwich places are everywhere. Our local Wally’s has one in the store. Maybe I’ll have an Italian sub after I shop.

Ok, back to my day off.

Til next time.