I almost started this off with the story of my dysfunctional childhood yadda yadda. There’s some of that in the memoirs I’m working on, but the majority is actually about getting past it all. Thank Goddess.

This new blog is titled Constant Writer because that handle brought Bestie into my life. Another Thank you to the Goddess.

Right now I’m sitting in my bedroom in Idaho. I’m an old-time boroughbred (born and raised in Manhattan) who followed her daughter & son-in-law across the country. I spent seven years traveling between Bergen County, NJ & the Cape Cod countryside before moving out West. I still can’t drive.

More people lived on our block in Manhattan than live here in Ucon, an agricultural community and official city right outside of Idaho Falls. For USPS purposes we actually use an Idaho Falls address.

This is my first public blog in a couple(?) of years. I religiously posted to several blogs for about 17-18 years – then a break was in order. What kind of blogs? Personal, photo, audio, micro, mobile, and group.

What makes me want to public again? My gut spoke to me – and I listened. My biggest mistakes have mostly all come from ignoring my gut. Bet if you think about it you’ll agree.

So I’m Frances D, female & feeling oh-so-fabulous at age 60. Food & conversation are my drugs of choice. I love films of all kinds. I’m a Julia Cameron devotee. I don’t wear make-up and generally wear the most comfortable clothing & shoes possible. I’m a BBW and could care less about anyone’s disapproval of the fact.

Is this going to be any particular type of blog? As yet undecided. For now I’ll post some day to day stuff, a bit of creative writing, movie and book reviews, I love movies of all kinds, and maybe an opinion or two.

Definitely no politics.

So thanks for dropping in. Hope to see you again soon.