I hit pause and refreshed. My daughter & I went to Pocatello (barely an hour away) for a Grrls Getaway. Just an overnight – but we packed a lot in to that Friday evening/all day Saturday.

Pocatello is Idaho Falls hipster cousin. It has a college town feel to it which I love.

We stayed in an artist owned Air BnB. A Western artist whose work was displayed throughout our two bedroom floor of the house. I bought five of her cards for 20 bucks – they go to my “A List” ;)

The trip was an early celebration of my daughter’s (only child) 39th birthday. We did what we do best; talk, dine out on Asian food, talk, Escape Rooms (2), talk, Bargain Hunt, talk, Sing Along to the Radio (her perfectly on-key/me a disaster) – did I mention TALK?

We live in the same house, but she’s busy with her vocation, a full-time job, and she runs a non-profit that she created for a cause near and dear to her mother’s heart.

Lately, we’ve only had time to speak at the dinner table. That’s a precious half hour.

The trip did us both a lot of good. My heart and spirit are refreshed.

Hope you had a pause that refreshed recently – or one coming up.