Second day of walking. I restrained my self from attempting to do another lap or two. It’s been a while and I’m adding half a mile a week after the first two weeks till I’m up to five. And I want to walk those five miles a day every day I’m in residence till fall.

I walked in the morning to beat Idaho’s noon sun. Everyone here says Good Morning to you which is nice. And I met a white-footed tabby sitting in front of their home like royalty.

The kids are out at an event. The house is quiet. My home-made split pea soup is simmering away on the stove. In an hour and a half I’ll remove the ham bone and add diced potato and baby carrots. I’m making cheddar bay biscuits with garlic butter to go with it.

The house is quiet.

I’ve started pen pal letters in my notebook. Once I’m one with the rhythm the stationery and cards come out.

A real routine is forming here. And I need one for when I’m in residence in Idaho. The whole day just slips away too quickly without some structure. My writing is important to me – I hadn’t realized how much. And it’s appreciated, which kinda blows my mind.

An affirmation came to me today. The circumstances were annoying, but I got this, so we’ll say it was worth it.

Healthy am I Happy am I Holy am I

To be said in the morning & evening. I’m going to write them down twice a day because the act of the pen moving across the page centers me.

I remember being so inspired by Sachidananda’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita that I copied the entire book into a notebook.

I also enjoy writing as well as well as chanting mantras.

Funny how a post begins and ends. Til Later