Gas Prices Rise In Connecticut!

As gas prices rise sharply in Connecticut, you start to look at the causes and can't help but point to two major factors: The shutdown of the keystone pipeline and cyber attack on the Carolina pipeline that runs from Texas to New Jersey.

Let's talk about the Keystone pipeline first. The installed President Biden immediately shut down this pipeline and not only killed an easy way to transport our domestic oil and gas but also 50,000 jobs. Nice job Joe!!! This action had an immediate impact on gas prices while also benefited important elites and our main enemy: CHINA! Would you like me to explain?

Warren Buffett owns the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. This corporation owns a series of railway systems through Canada which terminate at the western coast. Now that the Keystone pipeline is dead, Mr. Buffett's railway gets oil loaded into his tanks, ships them to the west coast of Canada, and sells that oil to China! Good thing to know Warren Buffett and Joe Biden are in China's back pocket! It's the same story over and over again. The elites and foreign powers leech off America and they make out like bandits while hard working Americans get screwed!

Now let's talk about the supposed cyber attack on the Carolina pipeline. This one isn't as clear cut as the first reason why gas prices are rising in Connecticut but all it takes is a look back in history to understand the motive. Specifically the manufactured famines of the Holodomor and Mao. These manufactured famines were about one thing and one thing only: CONTROL.

A key component of control is fear. They want to get people into a frenzy of fear and when the public starts to show that at the pumps the next phase will come. That next phase, I believe, will be in the form of food and/or water shortage. You can feel it coming. This is so they can manipulate the people and get them to rely on government for every aspect of their lives. Be prepared and start navigating through the bullshit the politicians and heads of state are feeding you. Good Luck!