The Old Bait and Switch: Connecticut House of Representatives pass HB 6423

I have had a keen interest in this bill since I first heard about it. Violating someone's right to choose or a parent's right to care for their child is tyranny plain and simple. Getting rid of the religious exemption for vaccinations is the last wall to break since it's so heavily tied to the 1st Amendment. The tyrants know this and that's why the deception was needed.

My main problem with the passing of HB 6423 was the misinformation campaign going on in the state by local government officials and other groups pretending to have the citizen's concerns at the forefront. This is not the case.

On the eve of when this bill was supposed to be voted on, a member for was on the radio hammering home the fact that if you DON'T want this bill passed call your local representative and tell them to vote “NO” to house bill 6423.

The next morning I found out that the bill passed, at 3 AM no less, and it was being prepared for the senate to vote on it. I wanted to see how my representative in the house voted. She had previously said she would be against such a bill. I quickly navigated to the roll call and found she voted 'YES' ... Wait ... What? Yes?

You can find the roll call here:

You can clearly see the bill passed with 92 voting Nay, 52 Yea, and 6 absent.
Why was everyone on the radio and television told to vote 'NO' if they were against this bill? I will tell you what happened. They had 92 vote against the bill so the tyrants amended the language of the bill so 'Nay' actually would mean 'Yea' when the votes were submitted on the floor!

This is common tactic used on Congress all the time. The do a show vote to see the outcome then amend the bill to change the language so that they can pass the draconian measures they want.

I plan on contacting a number of representatives in the mean time. Watch for the tyrants in your state. They are everywhere!